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Quella che segue è una lista dei brani musicali di Ed Sheeran, cantautore e chitarrista britannico in attività dal 2005.

In essa sono inclusi tutti i brani tratti dai sei album in studio pubblicati tra il 2006 e il 2020, con l'aggiunta del demo Spinning Man, delle tracce bonus inedite, dei brani presenti negli EP e delle b-side contenute nei singoli del cantante, oltre ai brani incisi in qualità di artista ospite.

Titolo Anno Disco di provenienza Autore/i Note
Typical Average 2005 Spinning Man Ed Sheeran rifatta per The Orange Room EP
On My Mind
No More War
Moody Ballad of Ed rifatta per The Orange Room EP
I Love You rifatta per The Orange Room EP
Open Your Ears 2006 Ed Sheeran
Beyond the Pale
In Memory
Insomniac's Lullaby
Quiet Ballad of Ed
No Luck
(Billy Ruskin)
The Sea
Way Home
You Break Me 2007 Want Some?
I'm Glad I'm Not You
You Need to Cut Your Hair
Move On Ed Sheeran, Alonestar
Yellow Pages Ed Sheeran
Two Blokes and a Double Bass
The West Coast of Clare Andy Irvine
I Can't Spell Ed Sheeran
You Need Me, I Don't Need You 2009 You Need Me EP rifatta per +
Be Like You
The City Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling rifatta per +
Sunburn Ed Sheeran
The A Team 2010 Loose Change rifatta per +
Homeless Ed Sheeran, Anna Krantz
Little Bird Ed Sheeran
Sofa Ed Sheeran, Anna Krantz
One Night Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling
Firefly Ed Sheeran
Fall Songs I Wrote with Amy Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge
Fire Alarms
Where We Land
Cold Coffee
Lately (feat. Devlin) 2011 No. 5 Collaborations Project Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Devlin
You (feat. Wiley) Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Wiley
(feat. P. Money)
Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, P Money
(feat. JME)
Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, JME
Little Lady
(feat. Mikill Pane)
Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane
Drown Me Out
(feat. Ghetts)
Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Ghetts
(feat. Random Impulse, Sway, Wretch 32)
Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Random Impulse,
Sway, Wretch 32
Goodbye to You
(feat. Dot Rotten)
Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Dot Rotten
If I Could
(Wiley feat. Ed Sheeran)
Chill Out Zone Richard Cowie, Ed Sheeran
Young Guns
(Lewi White feat. Ed Sheeran, Yasmin, Griminal & Devlin)
/ Lewi White, Ed Sheeran, James Devlin,
Joshua Ramsey, Jake Gosling
Hush Little Baby
(Wretch 32 feat. Ed Sheeran)
Black and White Jermaine Scott, Ed Sheeran, Iain James,
Tom Barnes, Pete Kelleher, Ben Kohn
Drunk + Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling
U. N. I.
Grade 8 Ed Sheeram, True Tiger
Wake Me Up Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling
Small Bump Ed Sheeran
This Ed Sheeran, Gordon Mills
Lego House Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Chris Leonard
Kiss Me Ed Sheeran, Julie Frost, Justin Franks
Give Me Love Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Chris Leonard
Autumn Leaves Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling bonus track
Gold Rush Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge bonus track
London Bridge 2012 The Slumdon Bridge (con Yelawolf) Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling, Yelawolf
You Don't Know (For Fucks Sake)
(Devlin feat. Ed Sheeran)
A Moving Picture James Devlin, Ed Sheeran,
Timothy McKenzie, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix
Everything Has Changed
(Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran)
Red Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran
Old School Love
(Lupe Fiasco feat. Ed Sheeran)
2013 / Wasalu Jaco, Ed Sheeran, Justin Franks
I See Fire The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ed Sheeran
One 2014 X Ed Sheeran
I'm a Mess
Sing Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams
Don't Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin
Nina Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid
Bloodstream Ed Sheeran, Gary Lightbody,
Johnny McDaid, Rudimental
Tenerife Sea Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance, Johnny McDaid
Runaway Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams
The Man Ed Sheeran
Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge
Afire Love Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance, Johnny McDaid
Take It Back Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid bonus track
Shirtsleeves Ed Sheeran bonus track
Even My Dad Does Sometimes Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge bonus track
All of the Stars Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid bonus track
Everything You Are Don't Ed Sheeran b-side
Make It Rain / Foy Vance
I Will Take You Home 2015 Bloodstream Ed Sheeran b-side
Lay It All on Me
(Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran)
We the Generation Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden, Piers Aggett,
Leon Rolle, James Newman,
John Harris, Ed Sheeran
English Rose X (Wembley Edition) Ed Sheeran
Touch and Go
New York
Eraser 2017 ÷ Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid
Castle on the Hill Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin
Dive Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Julia Michaels
Shape of You Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Steve Mac
Perfect Ed Sheeran
Galway Girl Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance, Johnny McDaid,
Amy Wadge, Eamon Murray, Niamh Dunne,
Liam Bradley, Damian McKee, Sean Graham
Happier Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Ryan Tedder
New Man Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin,
Jessie Dare, Ammar Malik
Hearts Don't Break Around Here Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid
What Do I Know? Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance, Johnny McDaid
How Would You Feel (Paean) Ed Sheeran
Supermarket Flowers Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Johnny McDaid
Barcelona Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Foy Vance,
Johnny McDaid, Benjamin Levin
bonus track
Bibia Be Ye Y Ed Sheeran, Nana Richard Abiona,
Jospeh Addison, Stephen Woode, Benjamin Levin
bonus track
Nancy Mulligan Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid,
Foy Vance, Murray Cummings, Benjamin Levin
bonus track
Save Myself Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Timothy McKenzie bonus track
End Game
(Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran & Future)
Reputation Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Max Martin,
Shellback, Nayvadius Wilburn
(Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran)
Revival Marshall Mathers, Emile Haynie, Ed Sheeran
Beautiful People
(feat. Khalid)
2019 No. 6 Collaborations Project Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, Max Martin,
Shellback, Khalid Robinson
South of the Border
(feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B)
Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Fred Gibson,
Camila Cabello, Belcalis Almánzar, Jordan Thorpe
Cross Me
(feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson,
Chancelor Bennett, Rakim Hasheem Allen
Take Me Back to London
(feat. Stormzy)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, Max Martin,
Shellback, Michael Omari
Best Part of Me
(feat. Yebba)
Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Abbey Smith
I Don't Care
(with Justin Bieber)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, Max Martin,
Shellback, Justin Bieber, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd
(with Travis Scott)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson,
Jacques Webster, Joseph Saddler
Remember the Name
(feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)
Ed Sheeran, Max Martin, Shellback,
Marshall Maters, Curtis Jackson, André Benjamin,
Antwan Patton, Patrick Brown, Raymon Murray, Rico Wade
(feat. Young Thug & J Hus)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson,
Jeffery Lamar Williams, Momodou "J Hus" Jallow
Put It All on Me
(feat. Ella Mai)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, Ella Mai Howell
Nothing on You
(feat. Paulo Londra & Dave)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, David Omoregie,
Paulo Ezequiel Londra, Daniel Echavarria Oviedo,
Cristian Andres Salazar
I Don't Want Your Money
(feat. H.E.R.)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson,
Paul Jefferies, Joe Reeves
1000 Nights
(feat. Meek Mill & A Boogie wit da Hoodie)
Ed Sheeran, Fred Gibson, Robert Williams,
Artist Dubose, Matthew Samuels, Jahaan Akil Sweet
Way to Break My Heart
(feat. Skrillex)
Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Sonny Moore
(with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars)
Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton,
Brody Brown, Frank Rogers, J.T. Cure,
Bard McNamee, Gregory McKee
Afterglow 2020 / Ed Sheeran, David Hodges, Fred Gibson
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