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Anno Singolo U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap UK singles Album
2007 "Built Like That" (feat.NOX) - - - - Piano Man



07. "Grits" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)
09. "I'm Out Death" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)
17. "Carryin' hon" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)


02. "Proceed" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)
04. "Mellow My Man" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)
11. "Essaywhuman?!!!??!" (prodotto con Questlove e i The Roots)


18. "One Shine" (prodotto con Grand Negaz)


08. "Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New" (prodotto con Grand Negaz)
13. "Adrenaline!" (prodotto con Grand Negaz)
15. "You Got Me (feat. Erykah Badu)" (prodotto con Grand Negaz)
05. "Carbon Copy (I Can't Stop)"
  • The Roots - The Best Man: Music From The Motion
01. "What You Want" (prodotto con Grand Negaz)
01. "The Wound"
02. "How Sad"
03. "Breakthrough"
04. "Unconventional Ways"
05. "Hear Me"
07. "Related To Me"
09. "Why"
10. "Let It Go"
04. "Still D.R.E." (produced with Dr. Dre & Mel-Man)


10. "If U Want It"
11. "Forget What They Say"
05. "Bladow!!"
13. "Brake Fluid (Biiitch Pump Yo Brakes) (feat. Kokane"
14. "Ready 2 Ride (feat. Eve)"
19. "Y'all Gone Miss Me (feat. Kokane)"
05. "X" (feat. Snoop Dogg)" (produced by Dr. Dre and Mel-Man, co-produced by Scott Storch)


  • Lina - Stranger On Earth
00. "Playa No Mo' (Scott Storch Remix)"
07. "Caramel"
04 "Let Me Blow Ya Mind feat. Gwen Stefani)" (produced with Dr. Dre)
10. "Live Foul"
13. "I Won't Fall"
16. "There I Go Again"
07. "Let's Do It"
01. "The What If's"
06. "Ain't Nobody Playin'"
02. "Tarantula"
09. "Alright"


  • Rock - Walk Like A G
00. "Walk Like A G (feat. Nate Dogg)"
06. "Compelled" (produced with Ben Kenney, Richard Nichols and Tracey Moore)
07. "Tumbling" (produced with Mercedes Martinez and Richard Nichols)
01. "Brown Sugar (Extra Sweet Remix feat. Faith Evans)"
10. "(And She Said) Take Me Now (feat. Janet Jackson)" (produced by Timbaland, co-produced by Scott Storch)
07. "Family Portrait"
08. "Roll With Me"
20. Get Live
12. Pussy Galore
02. "Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim)"
03. "Walk Away"
04. "Fighter"
05. "Primer Amor (Interlude)"
06. "Infatuation"
08. "Loving Me For Me"
10. "Underappreciated"
20. "Keep On Singing My Song"
12. Wet The Club
03. "The Streets (feat. Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg)"


02. "A New Day"
10. "(When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now (feat. Missy Elliott)"
11. "Thug Luv (feat. Twista)"
00. "Me Against the Music (Scott Storch Remix feat. Madonna)"
9. "Locked Down"
11. "Sex (feat. Solé)"
12. "Bedda Man"
4. "Can't Call It"
5. "Hot Now"
12. "Do Da Dam Thing (feat. E.S.T. and X1)"
  • K Young - K Young
3. "U R So Bad (feat. Crooked I)"
01. "Naughty Girl"
02. "Baby Boy (feat. Sean Paul)"
05. "Me, Myself and I"
02. "I Know"
09. "You Could Never"
10. "L.I.F.E."
13. "Black & White"
13. "Work It (Scott Storch Remix feat. Justin Timberlake)"
03. "Clap Back" (Co-produced by Irv Gotti)
17. "U Don't Know"
02. "Poppin' Them Thangs" (Produced with Dr. Dre)
05. "We Ballin' (feat. Young Chris & Proof)"
11. "Murda Murda (feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel)"
00. "Fanatic (Scott Storch Remix)"


06. "Never Take Me Alive (feat. Jay-Z)"
09. "Island Life" (Produced with Janet Jackson and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis)
05. "Time's Up (feat. Nate Dogg)"
07. "U Make Me Wanna (feat. Mariah Carey)"
04. "Lean Back"
03. "Don't Say Nuthin'" (prodotto con Questlove)
09. "Duck Down!"
10. "Y'all Know Who" (Produced with The Roots)
15. "Round & Round"
17. "Ghetto (feat. Thara)"
15. "2 Step" (International Bonus Track)
02. "Let Me Love You"
07. "Call the Cops"
13. "Let Me Love You (Remix feat. T.I. and Jadakiss)"
14. "I Cry"
14. "Po Nigga Blues"
02. "Backflip"


10. "Get Wild" (feat. DMX, Jadakiss, Kartoon & Flashy)"
16. "Ultimate Rush (feat. Missy Elliott)"
05. "U Already Know (feat. Remy Ma)"
15. "Cater 2 U (Storch Remix Edit)"
02. "Westside Story (feat. 50 Cent" (Produced with Dr. Dre)
10. "Start From Scratch" (Produced with Dr. Dre)
04. "The Way I Am (feat. Snoop Dogg"
10. "Get Ya Shit Together" (feat. Lil' Kim)
15. "Chillin' With My Bitch (feat. Jazze Pha)"
04. "Bottles And Up (Thug Da Club)"
07. "Candy Shop (feat. Olivia)"
14. "Just A Lil Bit"
18. "Build You Up (feat. Jamie Foxx)"
03. "Out Of Control"
01. "I Wish We Could Go Back"
02. "Mad"
08. "Get It Poppin'" (feat. Nelly)
01. "Playa's Only" (feat. The Game)
05. "Meltdown"
05. "Don't Stop (feat. E.S.T.)"
03. "Geek In The Pink"
06. "All The Ifs"
14. "Don't Ask Her That (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)"
01. "Please"
01. "It's Like That (Scott Storch Remix feat. Fat Joe)"
03. "Lighters Up"
02. "I Don't Care" (feat. Amerie & Fat Joe)
09 "This Is Good" (Produced with The Matrix)
04. "Get It How You Live"
  • 2XL - The Development
20. "31 Flavas"
02. "Run It! (feat. Juelz Santana)"
05. "Gimme That (feat. Lil' Wayne)"
03. Turn It Up (feat. Lil' Flip)"
12. "These Boots Are Made For Walking (Scott Storch Remix)"


05. "Dutty Wine Gal (feat. Brooke Hogan)"
06. "Jamaican Ting"
06. "You Ain't Know"
01. "About Us (feat. Paul Wall)"
02. "Heaven Baby (feat. Beenie Man)"
03. "Next Time"
04. "For a Moment"
05. "My Space"
06. "All About Me"
07. "My Number (feat. Stacks)"
09. "One Sided"
10. "Letting Go"
11. "Dance Alone (feat. Nox)"
12. "Beautiful Transformation"
09. Give 'Em What They Want
15. Lord Give Me A Sign
15. "Sleep On It"
07. Money on My Mind (feat. Kurupt)
07. "Make It Rain" feat. Lil' Wayne
09. "Think About It"
  • Frank Lee White - Unreleased
00. "Ride Out"
06. "Let's Ride"
07. "Too Much" (feat. Nate Dogg)
02. Why We Thugs
17. Steal The Show
00. My Swag
04. "Forgetful"
12. "Fired Up"
01. "This Time"
03. "Brown Girl (feat. Brick and Lace)"
04. Sets Go Up (feat. Wacko)
19. Say It To Me Now (feat. Kango of Partners-N-Crime)
08. "Trilogy"
12. "I'm Good"
Disc Two
07. "Tell Me" (feat. Collie Buddz)
09. Ooh Wee (feat. Ginuwine)
15. "We Ain't Worried 'Bout U" (iTunes Bonus Track)
03. "Cohiba (feat. Fat Joe & Knox)"
04. "HammerTime (feat. Nox)"
06. "Look Look Look "
02. "Is It Me"
03. "Carry on Tradition"
13. "Play on Playa" (feat. Snoop Dogg)
01. "Turn It Up"
02. "Fighting Over Me" (feat. Fat Joe and Jadakiss)
05. "Jealousy"
06. "Heartbeat"
10. "Turn You On"
11. "Do You Think I'm Sexy"
07. "Conceited (There's Something About Remy)"
07. "What Tha Business"
04. "Real Shit (feat. Gerald Levert)"
00. "One Cup, Two Cup"
00. "Day You Die (feat. Sheek Louch)"
04. "Get It In (feat. Method Man)"
00. "You Can Handle This (feat. Pitbull)"
05. "Bounce With Me (feat. Stacks)"
06. "I Refuse"
07. "Your Portrait"
09. "That's What They Made It Foe' (feat. Pooh Bear)"
11. "The Motto" (feat. OJ Flow and UZI)
00. "What's It Like"
00. "Do Somethin'"
  • Hawk - Unknown Album
00. "Wild Out
00. "Relax" (feat. Ne-Yo)
00. "Heavy Weights"
00. "Lets Go"
00. "Hoes Ain't Shit" (feat. Lil' Jon)
  • Nomb - Unknown Album
00. "Get Loose"
00. "Bring It Home"
00. "I Like My Man Hard"
00. "Shorty How U Like That"
00. "Rock The Party"
00. "Bad Behaviour"
00. "Middle Finga"


08. "Magic City featuring Cherish"
00. Untitled Track
00. Untitled Track
00. "Get Money"
00. "Untitled Track"
05. "Impacto"
07. "A Lo Clasico"
13. "Que Paso!"
21. "Impacto (Remix) featuring Fergie"
00. Untitled Track
02. "Comeback"
04. "Work (Put It in)"
10. "Could Be Anything"
00. "That Fire"
00. "Bang it Out Featuring Snoop Dogg"
00. "Built Like That featuring NOX (Timbaland Diss)"
00. "Way I Do"
00. "Make U A Star"
11. "Freestyle Freestyle"
  • NOX
00. "Spend Money featuring Jim Jones"
  • Versatyle
00. "Let It Go"
  • Chris DeShield
00. "Beat In The Back"



01. "People In Tha Middle" (tastiere)
05. "Of Course You Can" (percussioni)
10. "Crime To Be Broke In America" (pianoforte elettrico)


02. "The Watcher" (tastiere)
03. "Fuck You (feat. Devin the Dude)" (tastiere)
04. "Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg)" (tastiere)
05. "Big Ego's (feat. Hittman)" (tastiere)
12. "Let's Get High (feat. Hittman, Kurupt & Ms. Roq)" (tastiere)
13. "Bitch Niggaz (feat. Snoop Dogg, Hittman & Six-Two)" (tastiere)
15. "Murder Ink (feat. Hittman & Ms. Roq)" (tastiere)


04. "U Know" (tastiere)
03. "Fast Lane (feat. Jadakiss)" (tastiere)


06. "Ain't Nothing But Music" (tastiere)
11. "Fight Music" (tastiere)
18. "Revelation" (tastiere)
10. "That's What It Is" (tastiere)
08. "Truck Volume" (tastiere)
10. "Break Ya Neck" (tastiere)
02. "Hate In Yo Eyes" (tastiere)
02. "Turn off the Light (Timbaland Remix feat. Ms. Jade)" (tastiere)
04. "Bubba Talk" (tastiere)
05. "Lovely" (tastiere)
08. "Get Right" (tastiere)
15. "Bubba Sparxxx" (Clavinet)


05. "Cry Me A River" (Clavinet)
03. "She's A Gangsta" (tastiere)
13. "Feel The Girl" (tastiere)


03. "Make Me A Song" (tastiere)
15. "G'D Up" (tastiere)
03. "In Da Hood (feat. Brooklyn)" (pianoforte)


00 Beep Beep (tastiera)
00 Get Money


The Game - All Eyez ft. Jeremih

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