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Naturalmente un benvenuto anche da parte mia! Se avessi bisogno di qualcosa non esitare a contattarmi. ValterVB (msg) 14:01, 24 giu 2019 (CEST)

Welcome ninja boyModifica

忍者小僧 = ninja kozō = ragazzo ninja.--Nipas2 (msg) 12:45, 30 nov 2019 (CET)

Help needed for the incomplete japanese footballerModifica

Hi Ninja Boy. We need your help to complete the flags missing in the japanese football players you edited.

This means must be issued and filled up with colours some {{Calcio ?}} flags available on commons are to be edited according to this standard instructions {{Band calcio}} leaving blank the line |voce = if you don't want to let the red missing page appear.

Due to the limited space available in our career tamplate {{Carriera sportivo}} still red pages have to be shortened to the essential names. This means Kanako Ito is wrong as per the "Nippon Sport Science University Fields Yokohama" and the team's name must be shortened to the essential "NSSUF Yokohama", simply because each line cannot contain a part of the name overflowing in another following line. Reducting the name using the "small" compression option could help, but not in every case.

When the japanese soccer pages were still empty I had a very hard time looking for the colours on japanese pages and pictures creating some close-to-real basic colours choosing them in the commons' page. The it.wikipedia users able to read your language are few and translators are made available since short. I can write and read just french and english.

This does not mean a real complete logo had to be edited and put in our flags due to the copyright issues, but we can manage editing a simple one to give the reader the perfect idea of which ones are contained in the shirts/pants/socks of each team and in the featured one.

The colours may change so that a {{MultiBand}} can be edited displaying a different one as the detail showing up. E.g. this one showing up how many different ones must be choosen not using the very recent one {{Calcio Juventus}} but putting the needed year in the right position to define the different shirt used in 1901 {{Calcio Juventus||1901}} .

If you dont understand what I meant, please feel free to ask. P.s. we can do the right flag upon your useful suggestions and correcting the old wrong ones. Best regards.--Nipas2 (msg) 13:46, 30 nov 2019 (CET)

In the multiband flag template updates are very simple. When adding an intermediate denomination/or a flag, you have to change the order of the following denominations/colour/year adding +1 so that:
  • |nome4 = Yomiuri Beleza Beleza +1 = nome5 for the following one
  • |anno4 = 1998 +1 = anno5 1999 (or 2000, or 2001, depending on the year the change had been made up)
  • |imm4 = Flag green HEX-007500.svg +1 = imm5 (imm means "image" (the basic english writes "file").
This template update had been made to solve the problem caused by changing many denominations and colours in any league table and players' careers. By adding an "N" between the two lines the coloured flag disappears {{Calcio femminile NTV Beleza|N|1998}} = Yomiuri Beleza so that you can use it in the normal texts to write the right denomination in "that" year and showing up a linked page.--Nipas2 (msg) 13:23, 1 dic 2019 (CET)

Your deleted pages.Modifica

Hi Ninja Boy. An admin checking your uploaded pages removed many of your edits because it isnt possible to copy and paste the translated texts from any different language as too many foults and misunderstanding are occurring.

It is highly recommended a closer cooperation creating a sandbox containing one or several pages to be checked before the upload. Deleted red pages can be reopened, but this means a big waste of time.--Nipas2 (msg) 14:32, 30 nov 2019 (CET)

Missing coloursModifica

Hi Ninja boy, in our Nadeshiko League Division 1 page two colours are still missing and the flags must be compiled from zero. Any suggestions ?.--Nipas2 (msg) 13:09, 1 dic 2019 (CET)

Last night I added some colours checking the online pics/photos. Are they allright ?
  • Nana Ichise, Rikako Kobayashi and another = 2013-2015   Tokiwaki Gakuen
  • Hina Sugita is wrong as per 2012-2014   Fujieda Junshin (the pic was about Japan National Team)
  • Jun Endō, 2013-2018 JFA Academy Fukushima
All japanese footballers have to be reviewed looking for the missing colours to be added.
Some teams names are wrong because taken from the english pages and need to be corrected according to the japanese names.--Nipas2 (msg) 13:37, 1 dic 2019 (CET)
Hi, Tokiwaki Gakuen High Shool and JFA Academy Fukushima currently joined Nadeshiko League. So, you can see those uniforms on Nadeshiko League official website. Tokiwaki and JFA Academy. Fujieda Junshin High School, on Japan Football Association site is brue, but on Fujieda Junshin High School official site is Lavanda (colore), Glicine (colore)? Although I think that Fujieda Junshin was a lavender color, I don't know details. Glicine (colore) is called "fuji-iro" (fuji-color) in Japanese. So, this color often used in Fujieda. --忍者小僧 (msg) 14:31, 1 dic 2019 (CET)
A different graduation of glicine: Heliotrope = #DF73FF a special flag must be get ready.--Nipas2 (msg) 18:36, 1 dic 2019 (CET)
I sent a query to our pictures department to make a   ready for use.--Nipas2 (msg) 18:55, 1 dic 2019 (CET)
Missing colours:
  • Megumi Kamionobe: (1990) Hara FC; (?-1997) Rinkan SC Lemons; (2004-2005) Musashigaoka College
The only national team player incomplete.--Nipas2 (msg) 01:02, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
I found those club website, Hara FC (red & black), Rinkan SC Lemons (yellow & orange) and Musashigaoka College (light green & brue). --忍者小僧 (msg) 09:06, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
Ok thanks.--Nipas2 (msg) 14:35, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

Chinese Tournament in 1984Modifica

Hi Ninja boy, I've copied from the WGame.pdf the three japanese teams trained by Takao Orii and tried to put in latin letters the names, but the result is incomplete.

Could you please check and put them in a logic order so that I can write them in a japanese national team template?

Atsuko Saito, Misato Honda, Futaba Kioka, Kyoko Yamaguchi, Sayuri Kimiko, Hiroshi Nakaneko, Rinko Minami, Matsuda Akiko Noda (Masako Takakura), Emiko Kubo (Chiai Yamada).

Atsuko Saito, Misato Honda, Kioka Futaba, Futaba Kyoko, Sayuri Yamaguchi, Kimiko Kaneda (Asako Takakura), Hiroshi Nakajima, Riko Matsuda, Emiko Kubo (Kaori Nagahama).

Tomoko Saito (Masue Suzuki). Misato Honda, Futaba Kioka, Fumiko Handa, Sayuri Yamaguchi, Kimiko Shiratori (Chiaki Yamada) Hiroshi Nakajima, Rin Matsunami, Riko Matsuda (Mami Kaneda).

Thanks in advance.--Nipas2 (msg) 04:00, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

10/17 - Keiko Saito, Midori Honda, Futaba Kioka, Etsuko Handa, Sayuri Yamaguchi, Kimiko Shiratori, Kazuko Hironaka, Kaoru Kakinami, Michiko Matsuda, Akemi Noda (Asako Takakura), Emiko Kubo (Chiaki Yamada)
10/22 - Keiko Saito, Midori Honda, Futaba Kioka, Etsuko Handa, Sayuri Yamaguchi, Kimiko Shiratori, Mami Kaneda (Asako Takakura), Kazuko Hironaka, Kaoru Kakinami, Michiko Matsuda, Emiko Kubo (Kaori Nagamine)
10/24 - Keiko Saito (Masae Suzuki), Midori Honda, Futaba Kioka, Etsuko Handa, Sayuri Yamaguchi, Kimiko Shiratori, Asako Takakura (Chiaki Yamada), Kazuko Hironaka, Kaoru Kakinami, Michiko Matsuda, Emiko Kubo (Mami Kaneda)
--忍者小僧 (msg) 09:21, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
About this tournament the italian record is foulty. I've got a book exposing just very few datas (only the goals and no minutes at all):
  • Xi'An 10/17: Russo, Puntel, Langella, Mariotti, Bonato, Fasoli, Bontacchio, Morace, Vignotto, Reilly, Mega. Trainer: Recagni. 3 goals scored by: Morace (1) and Vignotto (2).
  • Xi'An 10/19: Russo, Puntel, Pierazzuoli, Mariotti, Langella, Bonato, Bontacchio, Morace, Golin, Vignotto, Reilly, Mega. Trainer: Recagni. 5 goals scored by: Reilly (2), Golin (2) and Vignotto (1).
No italian sportspapers reports were found by the publisher and our Federation had no records at all (given by an official member following the team so that it could be foulty).--Nipas2 (msg) 10:37, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
I have no data about other teams. --忍者小僧 (msg) 11:23, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
Japan scored once !! No existing japanese sportspapers or reports ?. I know it's just female soccer ...--Nipas2 (msg) 11:27, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
I can't find it. --忍者小僧 (msg) 11:32, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

Re: Template:Nazionale giapponese mundialito 1981Modifica

I'm sorry but I don't remember where I found the players' data, but I'm sure it was a safe source or I wouldn't have created it. I was sure I had also put the source in the template but it is clear that I forgot about it. If I can go back up as I did to find the list of players I will certainly include it.--Threecharlie (msg) 09:46, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

Ha ragione, invece che leggere il pdf della JFA ho preso en.wikipedia credendolo buono :(.--Nipas2 (msg) 10:22, 2 dic 2019 (CET)
It's been me to make the mistake, I copied the players' list from the en.wikipedia template. I thought it was right. Please correct it according to the JFA WGames.pdf list. I cannot reupload the deleted pages as I'm not an admin :( .--Nipas2 (msg) 10:57, 2 dic 2019 (CET)

Grazie - Thank You - ありがとうございますModifica

Grazie per i tuoi contributi. La tua partecipazione ha reso migliore e più fruibile Wikipedia.
Wikipedia è un progetto che ha bisogno del lavoro di tutti: ogni contributo costruttivo, per quanto piccolo possa sembrare, è utile per tutti coloro che usano l'enciclopedia ed è sempre apprezzato.

Buona permanenza!

Thanks for your contributes. Your participation has made Wikipedia better. Wikipedia is a project that needs everyone's work: every good contributes, however small it may seem, is useful for everyone who uses the encyclopedia and is always appreciated.

Good stay!
--ValeJappo 『こんにちは』 15:24, 3 dic 2019 (CET)

You're welcome. どういたしまして --忍者小僧 (msg) 15:26, 3 dic 2019 (CET)

And the previous Takatsuki ?Modifica

I saw you corrected Speranza Osaka, but what about the previous Takatsuki playing in 1979 ?. I have seen a translated jpn page telling it was the same team.

They are completely other teams. Japanese Wikipedia do not says "it was the same team". According to Japanese Wikipedia ja:高槻女子フットボールクラブ (Takatsuki Ladies FC) and ja:スペランツァ大阪高槻 (Speranza Osaka-Takatsuki),
"Takatsuki Ladies FC" was founded in 1978 and was a strong club in the 1980s. However, it became weak in 1990s because "Osaka-Takatsuki Ladies SC" (current name "Speranza Osaka-Takatsuki") was founded in the same city. The clubs last record of major tournament is Coppa dell'Imperatrice (calcio femminile) qualifier in 1997.
"Speranza Osaka-Takatsuki" was founded as named "Osaka-Takatsuki Ladies SC" in 1990 and Matsushita Electric became a owner in 1991 (until 1999). This club is currently playing in the 3rd division.
By the way, both teams ("Takatsuki FC" and "Matsushita Electric") participate in en:1992 Empress's Cup at the same time. (rsssf) --忍者小僧 (msg) 09:25, 4 dic 2019 (CET)
I made a bad mistake. No evidence about the colours of the defunct Takatsuki Ladies FC ?.--Nipas2 (msg) 14:34, 4 dic 2019 (CET)
I could not find the color. --忍者小僧 (msg) 14:36, 4 dic 2019 (CET)
Once I've been told there are online newspapers, but need to pay them to see the pages.--Nipas2 (msg) 14:43, 4 dic 2019 (CET)

The japanese national team capped playersModifica

Ninja Boy, yoiur work is incomplete. Our editing standard for the footballers is different.

This one is wrong.

nowiki>== Statistiche ==</nowiki>

Nazionale del Giappone
Anno Pres Reti
1981 5 0
1982 0 0
1983 0 0
1984 3 0
1985 0 0
1986 6 0
1987 4 0
1988 3 0
1989 8 0
1990 5 0
1991 9 0
Totale 43 0

== Statistiche ==
=== Presenze e reti nei club ===

National championships (italian kind of, must be edited for the japanese ones having different names).

Stagione Squadra Campionato Coppe nazionali Coppe continentali Altre coppe Totale
Comp Pres Reti Comp Pres Reti Comp Pres Reti Comp Pres Reti Pres Reti
1927-1928   Inter DN 33 12 - - - - - - CV 1 3 34 15
1928-1929   Ambrosiana DN 29 33 - - - - - - - - - 29 33
1929-1930 A 33 31 - - - - - - CEC 6 7 39 38
1930-1931 A 34 24 - - - - - - - - - 34 24
1931-1932   Ambrosiana-Inter A 28 21 - - - - - - - - - 28 21
1932-1933 A 32 20 - - - - - - - - - 32 20
1933-1934 A 32 21 - - - - - - CEC 6 5 38 26
1934-1935 A 30 18 - - - - - - CEC 2 3 32 21
1935-1936 A 29 25 CI 2 1 - - - CEC 2 2 33 28
1936-1937 A 26 11 CI 4 3 - - - CEC 6 10 36 24
1937-1938 A 26 20 CI 4 8 - - - CEC 0 0 30 28
1938-1939 A 16 4 CI 6 0 - - - CEC 4 2 26 6
1939-1940 A 0 0 CI 0 0 - - - - - 0 0
1940-1941   Milano A 14 6 CI 1 0 - - - - - - 15 6
1941-1942 A 23 3 CI 4 2 - - - - - - 27 5
Totale Milano 37 9 5 2 - - - - 42 11
1942-1943   Juventus Cisitalia A 27 10 CI 0 0 - - - - - - 27 10
1944   Varese C-AI 20 7 - - - - - - - - - 20 7
1945-1946   Atalanta DN 14 2 - - - - - - - - - 14 2
1946-1947   Inter A 17 2 - - - - - - - - - 17 2
Totale Inter 365 242 16 12 - - 27 29 409 286
Totale carriera 463 270 21 14 - - 27 29 512 316

The wrong table must be changed using the template {{Cronopar}} where you have to add in each line the played matches using JFA the file WGames.pdf.

=== Cronologia presenze e reti in nazionale ===
Head line {{Cronoini|JPN||F}}
Each match {{CronoparF|17-10-1984|Xi'an|JPN|0|6|ITA||Torneo di Cina||1984|||}}
Totals line {{Cronofin|3|1}}

Same as I edited for the trainer Takao Orii.
That simple table you edited belongs to another wikipedia, not ours.--Nipas2 (msg) 17:21, 3 dic 2019 (CET)

Hi. You arent respecting the "Cronopar" page instructions. I know they are written in italian, but you cannot always put JPN on the left hosting country space as home winner even when Japan is hosted. I already corrected more than 20 foults. Now's the your time to correct your edits. Just check all the players I already corrected taking care of writing the right town names according to the countries. Newcastle isnt just in Australia and England so that you must notice and take care how many different towns appearing on it.wikipedia and disambiguate them accordingly.--Nipas2 (msg) 18:04, 6 dic 2019 (CET)
Ciao, scrivo in italiano visto dove siamo: stai usando un bot percaso? Leggi Wikipedia:Bot#Richieste_di_autorizzazione, stai facendo anche 5 modifiche in un minuto, intasando le Speciale:UltimeModifiche. --Kirk Dimmi! 08:02, 7 dic 2019 (CET)
Hi, I did not use a bot. --忍者小僧 (msg) 08:04, 7 dic 2019 (CET)

Le voci che stai creandoModifica

Hi. I have noticed that you created again all the pages that [@ Vituzzu] deleted a week ago, and I don't see improvements in the fluency of the text, even though I appreciate your efforts in using the correct tables for statistics as [@ Nipas2] told you. Did you asked to Vituzzu the reason why those pages were deleted? Did you discussed about the convenience of creating pages deleted? As you were already told, you cannot copy and paste text translated via machine translation. The pages in must be written in fluent Italian language. You have several possibilities: either ask support to an Italian mothertongue for helping you in writing pages or look for a collaboration with an user here in helping you in it. While doing this, please, use your own sandbox and don't put in Ns0 any page written via machine translation or not in fluent Italian. Thanks for the collaboration. --GC85 (msg) 11:17, 7 dic 2019 (CET)

Hi, [@ Threecharlie] already asked [@ Vituzzu] (Discussioni utente:Vituzzu#Cancellazione di massa nuove voci calciatrici), but Vituzzu did not reply. --忍者小僧 (msg) 12:49, 7 dic 2019 (CET)
You could ask by your own since it matters your contribution and prior to create again the same pages you had to understand the reason of their deletion. --GC85 (msg) 12:57, 7 dic 2019 (CET)
If I cannot copy and paste text, it is difficult for me to create articles on it-wiki. So, I will withdraw from it-wiki. Thanks and good-bye. --忍者小僧 (msg) 15:20, 7 dic 2019 (CET)
I see that you are making a lot of edits very fast. Therefore, why don't you use a personal sandbox where you can do copy-paste and make any test edits without problems? There is no hurry here! Thanks for your contributions anyway--Lemure Saltante sentiamo un po' 11:28, 8 dic 2019 (CET)

Mappa delle diocesi cattoliche del GiapponeModifica

Good morning Ninja boy, in Project talk:Japan#Mappa delle diocesi cattoliche del Giappone a user asked if someone can translate a map.

Can you write us a translation (in italian or in english) please?--ValeJappo『Buone feste』 15:33, 20 dic 2019 (CET)

Sorry, I can not do it. --忍者小僧 (msg) 15:35, 20 dic 2019 (CET)
Ok, no problems, but I will say it better because maybe you don't understood : we don't need a graphical translation (someone else can do it) but only a translation of the words.--ValeJappo『Buone feste』 15:38, 20 dic 2019 (CET)
P.S. (If you would, you can translate it only in romanji) --ValeJappo『Buone feste』 15:41, 20 dic 2019 (CET)
Thank you so much, your help is very usefull for us! :)--ValeJappo『Buone feste』 17:23, 20 dic 2019 (CET)

Buone festeModifica

Gentile 忍者小僧, ti auguro di trascorrere delle buone feste e consiglio, imprescindibilmente dal tuo livello di wikidipendenza, di prenderti una piccola wikipausa (perlomeno a capodanno)!
Auguri, ValeJappo

-- 09:07, 24 dic 2019 (CET)

Requested pagesModifica

Hi, if you are interested, you can collaborate with Progetto:Giappone, and help creating the requested pages --ValeJappo『2020』 09:19, 2 gen 2020 (CET)

Un grazie e un libro sulla conoscenza libera per teModifica

Gentile 忍者小僧,

oggi ti scrivo a nome dell'associazione Wikimedia Italia per ringraziarti del tempo che hai dedicato ai progetti Wikimedia.

Come piccolo omaggio avremmo piacere di spedirti una copia (tutta in carta riciclata) del libro di Carlo Piana, Open source, software libero e altre libertà. Fornisci un recapito per ricevere una copia del libro.

Pochi giorni fa il mondo ha festeggiato la giornata dell'amore per il software libero, ma ogni giorno è buono per ricordare le garanzie delle licenze libere e le centinaia di migliaia di persone che si sono unite per costruire questo bene comune della conoscenza. Speriamo che questo libro ti sia utile per apprezzare quanto hai fatto e per trasmettere la passione della conoscenza libera a una persona a te vicina.

Se desideri una copia ma non puoi fornirci un indirizzo a cui spedirla, contatta la segreteria Wikimedia Italia e troviamo una soluzione insieme.

Grazie ancora e a presto,

Lorenzo Losa (msg) 19:17, 18 feb 2020 (CET)