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Klaus K. Klostermaier

indologo e storico delle religioni canadese

Klaus Konrad Klostermaier (Monaco di Baviera, 14 giugno 1933) è un indologo, storico delle religioni e studioso dell'induismo canadese di origine tedesca.


  • Hinduism: A Beginner's Guide (2008), ISBN 978-1-85168-538-7.
  • The Nature of Nature: Explorations in Science, Philosophy and Religion (2004);
  • Hindu Writings: A Short Introduction to the Major Sources (2001); ISBN 978-1-85168-230-0.
  • A Survey of Hinduism (3rd ed. 2007); ISBN 978-0-7914-7082-4.
  • Buddhism: A Short Introduction (1999), ISBN 978-1-85168-186-0.
  • Indian Theology in Dialogue (1986);
  • Mythologies and Philosophies of Salvation in the Theistic Traditions of India (1984), ISBN 978-0-88920-158-3.
  • Hindu and Christian in Vrindaban (1969), ISBN 978-0-334-00616-9.
  • In the paradise of Krishna; Hindu and Christian seekers, ISBN 978-0-664-24904-5.
  • A concise encyclopedia of Hinduism, ISBN 978-1-85168-175-4.
  • Hinduism: A short introduction, ISBN 978-1-85168-163-1.
  • Hinduismus.
  • Indian theology in dialogue.
  • Kristvidya: A sketch of an Indian Christology.
  • Liberation, salvation, self-realization: A comparative study of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian ideas.
  • The body of God: Cosmos - Avatara - Image.
  • Religious studies: issues, prospects, and proposals con Larry W. Hurtado, ISBN 978-1-55540-623-3.
  • Masters of social thought con Ajit Kumar Sinha.
  • The Nature of Nature: Explorations in Science, Philosophy, and Religion.
  • The wisdom of Hinduism, ISBN 978-1-85168-227-0.
  • From end to beginning.
  • Hindu-Christian Dialogue.
  • Freiheit ohne Gewalt.
  • Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization: A Literary and Scientific Perspective con Navaratna Srinivasa Rajaram, David Frawley, ISBN 978-81-85990-36-1.
  • Hinduism: A Short History, ISBN 978-1-85168-213-3.

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