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  • GE = Grammatical Evolution
  • CFG = Whigham‘s Context-Free Grammar GP
  • CGP = Julian Miller’s Cartesian GP
  • GEP = Gene Expression Programming
  • ST = Strongly-Typed
  • MO = Multi-Objective


Nome Descrizione Licenza Linguaggio Release (aggiornato al 2018/11) Framework / Application Modello Network (Island) MO GE GEP CFG CGP ST Note Evolution programming library LGPL .NET 2013/07 F T Y
Beagle A generic C++ framework for evolutionary computation LGPL C++ 2017/10 F T Y Y
BorgMoea The Borg Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm (MOEA) Open Custom C 2014 A Y Plugin for MOEA Framework (same developers)
BraneCloud Evolution Industrial-Strength Evolutionary Computation for .NET 4.0 Apache C# 2015 (?) F Fork of ECJ for .NET 4.0 - This is an independent port of Sean Luke's venerable ECJ project (GMU EC Lab) Version 20
DCTG-GP Prolog-based GP system. Grammar-guided GP using logic-based attribute grammars Prolog 2001 (?) A
Deap Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python LGPL Python 2018/08 F T Y Y Y Created by the Open BEAGLE team. SCOOP integration for parallel computing
Dgpf Distributed Genetic Programming Framework LGPL Java 2007/05 F Y
Drp Grammatical Evolution + Genetic Programming = Directed Programming GPL Ruby 2006/09 F Y
Discipulus or Discipulus Commercial Genetic Programming Software from RML Technologies, Inc Commerciale ??? A L
Ecf Evolutionary Computation Framework. different genotypes, parallel algorithms, tutorial C++ 2017/07 F T MPI
Ecj A Java-based Evolutionary Computation Research System Licenza Academic Free Java 2018/07 F / A M Y Y Y Y Y
Eo C++ evolutionary computation components framework LGPL C++ 2012/07 F M MPI
EllenGp Linear genetic programming system for symbolic regression and classification GPL C++ 2017/03 F L Y
Ep4js GA/EP framework written in JavaScript Apache JavaScript 2008/02 F T
EpochX EpochX is an open source genetic programming framework LGPL Java 2012/07 F M Y Y
Eureqa/Formulize GP based Symbolic Regression Commerciale ??? A
Eva2 A Java based framework for Evolutionary Algorithms—formerly known as JavaEvA/EvA LGPL Java 2015/12 F T RMI Y Y
Evogen Evogen is a general-purpose Actionscript 3 library for generating genetic algorithms MIT Flex 2009/08 F
EvoJ EvoJ project is a lightweight extensible Java framework which simplifies coding and refactoring of genetic algorithm applications. Creative Commons Java 2015/05 F
FlexGP Cloud based platform for generating transparent non-linear large scale regression problems Java 2014/12 F P2P TODO
GAlib Object oriented framework with 4 different GA implementations and 4 representation types (arbitrary derivations possible) Open Custom C++ 2007/03 F T
Genetik A generic framework that supports evolutionary algorithms. LGPL Java 2009/07 F T
GenPro Reflective Object Oriented Genetic Programming. Open Source Framework. Extend with POJO's, generates plain Java code Apache Java 2009/12 F
GeneXproTools Commercial gene expression programming software for logistic regression, classification and regression Commerciale 2014 (?) A T
Geva GEVA is an implementation of Grammatical Evolution in Java GPL Java 2010/07 F M Y Replaced by PonyGE
GpAlta Genetic programming toolbox that aims for simplicity and speed GPL Java 2007/12 A T
GpC++ Genetic Programming C++ Class Library GPL C++ 1997 (?) F T
GPdotNET Artificial intelligence tool for applying Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks in modeling, prediction, optimization and pattern recognitions MIT .NET 2018/11 A
Gpe Framework for conducting experiments in Genetic Programming AFL .NET 2005/06 F
GpLab A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB Matlab 2018/06 F T
GpLearn Implements Genetic Programming in Python, with a scikit-learn inspired and compatible API. Python 2017/11 F TODO
GpOCL Genetic Programming in OpenCL is a parallel implementation of genetic programming targeted at heterogeneous devices, such as CPU and GPU GPL OpenCL 2011/12 A T
GpTips Genetic Programming & Symbolic Regression Toolbox for MATLAB. Aimed at performing multigene symbolic regression Matlab 2014/11 F T
HeuristicLab A Paradigm-Independent and Extensible Environment for Heuristic Optimization, rich graphical user interface, open source, plugin-based architecture GPL3 C Sharp 2018/01 A M Y
Jaga Extensible and pluggable open source API for implementing genetic algorithms and genetic programming applications Java ??? F T
Java GAlib Source Forge open source Java genetic algorithm library, complete with Javadocs and examples (see bottom of page) Java 2004/04 F
Jclec Evolutionary Computation Library in Java, expression tree encoding, syntax tree encoding Java 2014/07 F T Y
JefNet Distributed genetic programming framework for the Java language LGPL Java 2006/12 F JXTA
Jenetics Advanced Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Algorithm and Genetic Programming library Apache Java 2018/11 F Y TODO
JGap Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming, an open-source framework LGPL Java 2015/07 F T
JGe Java Grammatical Evolution Java 2010/05 F Y
JGprog Groovy Java Genetic Programming Groovy 2000/04
JMetal Metaheuristic Algorithms in Java MIT Java 2018/11 Y
JRGp Java 2002/10 A T Y
Karoo Gp A Genetic Programming platform for Python with TensorFlow for wicked-fast CPU and GPU support. MIT Python 2018/05 A / F T
Lagep Supporting single/multiple population genetic programming to generate mathematical functions. Open Source, OpenMP used. C++ 2008/07 A T
Mex Multiexpression programming C++ 2018/08 A Genetic programming variant encoding multiple solutions in the same chromosome
MicroGp General purpose tool, mostly exploited for assembly language generation GPL C++ 2015/09 A L Y Customizable assembler
Lil Gp C 1998/09 A T
Moea Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Framework LGPL Java 2017/04 F Y Y Y
Monkeys A strongly-typed genetic programming framework for Python Python 2018/06 F Y TODO
Opt4J A Modular Framework for Meta-heuristic Optimization LGPL Java 2015/11 Y
Paradiseo A software framework for metaheuristic CeCILL C++ 2012/11 F MPI Y
PerlGp Grammar-based genetic programming in Perl GPL Perl 2007/10 F T Y
PmdGp Object oriented framework for solving genetic programming problems C++ 2001/08 F T
PolyGP Haskell 2010/01 A
PonyGe A small, one source file implementation of GE, with an interactive graphics demo application GPL Python 2018/08 A/F T Y Evolution of GEVA (O'Neil et. al) The decision was made to merge the feature-rich and modular aspects of GEVA with Python, and to re-structure the development code base of PonyGE into a package structure :
PushGp A strongly typed, stack-based genetic programming system that allows GP to manipulate its own code (auto-constructive evolution) GPL C++, Java, JavaScript, Lisp ??? A S
PyEvolve Pyevolve was developed to be a complete genetic algorithm framework written in pure pytho Licenza Python Python ??? F T
Pyvolution Evolutionary Algorithms Framework Apache Python 2012/12 F
PyStep Python Strongly Typed gEnetic Programming MIT Python 2009/04 F T Y
Rmit GP A Genetic Programming Package with support for Automatically Defined Functions C++ ??? F T Y
RoboGP Robust Genetic Programming System C++ 2011/03 F
Slash/A Programming language and C++ library for (linear) genetic programming GPL C++ 2011/05 F L Evolves SLASH programs
SmallGp C++ 2004 (?) T
spark-ml-gp Package provides java implementation of big-data genetic programming for Apache Spark Java 2017/06 F TODO
TinyGp A tiny genetic programming system Java 2008/02 A T
Vita Vita Genetic Programming Framework MPL2 C++ 2018/11 F L Y
Watchmaker Extensible, high-performance, object-oriented framework for implementing platform-independentevolutionary/genetic algorithms in Java Apache Java 2017/12 F T Hadoop Terracotta Y
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