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Hi, renaming "Lingua mbara" to simply "Mbara" would go against the conventions of Italian Wikipedia. Here they are two different disambiguation pages - just check [[Lingua ata]] vs [[Ata]] (redirecting to [[ATA]]), [[Lingua koro]] vs [[Koro]] or [[Lingua male]] vs [[Male (disambigua)]]. [[Utente:Ary29|ary29]] ([[Discussioni utente:Ary29|msg]]) 09:01, 25 feb 2019 (CET)
:Ok, very interresting (and unexpected), thank you a lot! Is there a link I can read and share or is it unwritten convention?
:Cdlt, [[Utente:VIGNERON|VIGNERON]] ([[Discussioni utente:VIGNERON|msg]]) 17:44, 25 feb 2019 (CET)