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== Collegamenti esterni ==
* L'Ecole du Magasin International Curatorial Training Program, CNAC [http://www.ecolemagasin.com/session16/]. Official website for session 16 of L'Ecole du Magasin, National Contemporary Art Center located in Grenoble, France. The theme of research for session 16 (2006-2007) was Harald Szeemann, his archive, and curatorial practice. On this site, you will find exhaustive information regarding their research, including audio, photo, and video documentation of interviews with artists and professionals in the art field.
* Simon, Joshua''Grandfather: A Pioneer Like US''
[http://moussemagazine.it/grandfather-a-pioneer-like-us-harald-szeemann-at-swiss-institute-new-york-joshua-simon-2019/] (''Mousse Magazine'', August 2019)
* Obrist, Hans-Ulrich ''Mind over matter - interview with Harald Szeemann'' [http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0268/is_n3_v35/ai_18963443] (''Art Forum'', November 1996)
* Smith, Roberta ''Obituary: Harald Szeemann, Innovative Curator'' [http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/02/25/news/obits.php] (''New York Times'', February 26, 2005)