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== Storia ==
Il FC Mamer è stato fondato nel 1932. The club plied its trade in the lower leagues of Luxembourgish football for most of its first sixty years, and only reached the third tier (the 'First Division') briefly in the 1970s, before relegation again. In 1992, Mamer gained promotion to the First Division again, and solidified its position there. In 1999-00, Mamer was promoted to the second league, the [[Luxembourg Division of Honour|Division of Honour]], but was relegated immediately. In 2004–05, Mamer reached the Division of Honour again.
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In its first season back in the higher division, Mamer finished fourth. As the top league, the [[Luxembourg National Division|National Division]], was expanding from twelve teams to fourteen, Mamer was given a chance of promotion by playing against [[US Rumelange]], who had finished bottom of their National Division relegation group. Mamer won on penalties, and was promoted to the National Division for [[Luxembourg National Division 2006-07|season 2006–07]]. However, they were relegated in their first season back in the top flight, finishing bottom of the fourteen-team league in the [[Luxembourg National Division 2006-07|2006–07 season]]. In 2008/09, the club were relegated to the third league in Luxembourg.
== Cronistoria ==
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