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[[Image:AM William Collins fountain, Glasgow Green, at sunset.JPG|thumb|William Collins fountain in Glasgow Green]]
Nel 1881 nel parco venne costruita una fontana per commemorare [[William Collins (Lord Provost)|Sir William Collins]], uno storico leaderattivista del movimento per la [[temperance movementtemperanza]] che fu anche [[''Lord Provost]]'' di Glasgow tra il 1877 e il 1880.<ref name="GlasgowGuide" /> Nel 1992 la fontana venne posizionata nella sua attuale collocazione e cioè dietro al McLennan Arch.
The Doulton Fountain, given by Sir [[Henry Doulton]] to Glasgow as part of the [[International Exhibition of Science, Art and Industry|International Exhibition of 1888]], was moved to the Green in 1890.<ref name="GlasgowGuide" /> Designed by architect Arthur E. Pearce, the {{convert|46|ft|m|sing=on}} tall fountain was built by the [[Royal Doulton]] company to commemorate [[Victoria of the United Kingdom|Queen Victoria's]] reign. It featured a {{convert|70|ft|m|adj=mid|-wide}} basin, with a slightly larger than life-size statue of Queen Victoria, surrounded by four life-size statues of water-carriers representing [[Australasia]], [[Canada]], [[India]] and South Africa. A lightning strike in 1891 destroyed the statue of Victoria, and rather than let the city replace the statue with an urn, Doulton paid for a second hand-made statue to be produced. In the 1960s the fountain was allowed to fall into a state of disrepair with the water supply being turned off. However, in 2002 a £2 million restoration programme was started that restored the fountain to its original condition. {{As of|2004}}, the fountain has been placed in a new location, in front of the [[People's Palace, Glasgow|People's Palace]]. It is [[Listed building#Scotland|category A listed]].