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|style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 5px;" | [[File:Wikimedia Education Project Management Unit 3 Badge.png|link=:outreach:Education/Greenhouse/Online_Course_Badges| 150px|left]]
|style="vertical-align: middle; padding: 3px;" | <span style="color:#">Dear {{reply to|Pietro}},
Congratulations on completing Unit 3 of the Wikimedia & Education Greenhouse online course! Here is the “Evaluation and Storytelling” badge as a recognition of your great work and participation in this final unit of the course. We are very proud of what you have accomplished in this learning journey! --[[Utente:MGuadalupe (WMF)|MGuadalupe (WMF)]] ([[Discussioni utente:MGuadalupe (WMF)|msg]]) 02:51, 13 apr 2020 (CEST)</span>