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(Buddah Blessed this beat I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006 All these diamonds, dancing on my fucking neck cost like four bricks And the way that I be toting on that strap, don't make no sense He a million dollar nigga but be posted in the bricks, ayy It make no sense, yeah It make no sense, uh It make no sense, goddamn Make no sense, yeah Make no sense, nah-uh Make no sense, ay ay YoungBoy Make no sense, nah It make no sense, slime I could hit it, I could whip it I could bag it, I could stash i)
| bgcolour =
| nome = Positrone
| immagine = PositronDiscovery.jpg
| didascalia = Foto del primo positrone mai osservato
| num_types =
|classificazione=| composizione = [[Particella elementare]]
| famiglia = [[Fermioni]]
| gruppo = [[Leptoni|Antileptoni]]
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