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(question regarding the hometown of Victor Ciobanu)
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== [[Victor Ciobanu]] ==
Ciao Dispe, I'm sorry for writing in English but I'm not able to speak Italian. In the article of the amateur wrestler [[Victor Ciobanu]] you added [[Florești (Moldavia)]] as his hometown. I'm not convinced that this is actually the right place. Do you have a source for this information? I found [https://nordnews.md/video-victor-ciobanu-a-adus-medalia-acasa/ this moldavian article] and used Google Translate to read it. It's an interview with Ciobanu and there he is saying that his family lives in Varvarăuca, [[Distretto di Florești]]. If you come to the conclusion that it needs to be changed, please adjust the [https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q18545640 Wikidata object] as well. Kind regards (from the German-language Wikipedia) --[[Utente:Swotty22|Swotty22]] ([[Discussioni utente:Swotty22|msg]]) 23:40, 2 dic 2021 (CET)
== Festività 2021 ==
Ti faccio i miei più cari auguri di buone feste. Simone--[[Utente:Potenza2021|Potenza2021]] ([[Discussioni utente:Potenza2021|telefonami]]) 13:12, 22 dic 2021 (CET)
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