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[[ImageImmagine:Dunbine_chara.jpg|thumb|200px|left|The crew of the Zelana (l to r): Sho, Marvel, Nie, and Keen]]
Yoshiyuki Tomino directed the series, which is based on an earlier novel, "The Wings of Rean" (which did not feature the Aura Battler mechas at all, they were added to the series at the insistence of the sponsors, Clover and [[Bandai]]). The series spawned several model and toys lines, as well as related [[Original Video Animation|OVAs]] and spin-offs.
The character of Cham, is virtually identical to the character of Lillith from ''[[Heavy Metal L-Gaim]]''. They share an identical appearance and race, as well as the same voice actress. This is often joked about although the true reason has never really been officially said. Some speculate that Tomino had a soft spot for Cham, and felt like putting a near identical character in another series. A real rarity for Tomino, who often goes to great lengths to make sure characters cannot be reused.
[[ImageImmagine:Marvel_and_Sho_kissing.JPG|thumb|200px|left|Sho and Marvel share an intimate kiss]]
This is yet another of Tomino's series' where we see his "Kill 'em all" style appeared once more. Most of the main cast is pretty much killed in the final battle. It is hinted however, that despite all the death, these characters may have just returned to Byston Well. The final battle takes place on Earth, when the majority of the main cast became stranded there earlier in the series.
==Super Robot Wars and Another Century's episode==
[[ImageImmagine:Dunbine2.jpg|thumb|right|Sho's first Aura Battler, the Dunbine]]
The Dunbine characters, mecha, and storyline elements make appearances in quite a few games in the ''[[Super Robot Wars]]'' series by [[Banpresto]]; most notably the "first" series. Banpresto has gone on to make spinoff series taking place in different universes such as the Alpha series and Impact. However, ''Dunbine'' has made few appearances in these latter titles. Many strongly desire to see them return in some form. {{Fact|date=February 2007}} The Aura Battler mecha were usually dodge crazy units with decent attacks, although their showing in Impact was way below par. Furthermore, after some action some of the Aura Battlers were able to channel the pilots' Aura energy to unleash very powerful attacks.
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