Olympique d'Alès en Cévennes: differenze tra le versioni

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(Nuova pagina: ''' Olympique Alès''' is a French football club founded in 1923, based in the commune of Alès. The Cévennes club ...)
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''' Olympique Alès''' is a [[France|French]] [[Association football|football]] club founded in [[1923]], based in the commune of [[Alès]]. The [[Cévennes]] club currently playing in the Division d'Honneur Régionale - the seventh division - of the Ligue du [[Languedoc]]; the club in the past has played for six seasons in [[Ligue 1]]. The OAC is currently at a low point in its history, having been relegated to the 7th division at the end of last season, whereas it played in the Ligue National - the 3rd division - just three seasons ago.
Over the last, disastrous, season, the club saw as many as three managers. In January [[2006]], Patrick Synaeghel was dismissed and replaced by Rudy Gargallo, who was then replaced in April by Henri Orlandini. Club president Claude Crégut resigned in March, when it was clear the club would not escape further relegation. The new trainer is Jose Carrascosa, and the new general manager is Jean-Marie Pasqualetti, a former player of the club.
L<nowiki>'</nowiki>'''Olympique Alès''' è una squadra di [[calcio]] [[Francia|francese]]. Fondata nel [[1923]], fino a tre stagioni fa militava nella terza divisione, ma l'ultimo, disastroso, periodo, con difficoltà economiche e societarie, ha fatto sì che la squadra, con 6 stagioni di [[Ligue 1]] alle spalle, precipitasse sino alla settima divisione, nella Division d'Honneur Règionale, in [[Languadoca]].
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