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Il bisento è una lancia lunga con una punta di ferro ricurva, un oggetto molto pesante quindi usato solo da chi ha una grande forza.
<!--A '''Bisen-to''' is a kind of [[Japan]]ese [[pole weapon]] (adopted from China, the mighty Kwan-do/[[Guan dao]], from Kwan Gung/[[Guan Yu|Guan
Yu]]) which greatly resembles a '''[[naginata]]'''. It consists of a thick curved blade mounted atop a long wooden pole. Much heavier than the naginata in construction, there is some accounts of it being used as a training weapon to improve one's [[naginatajutsu]]. The history of the weapon is a little obscure; the claim of the [[Kukishin Ryu|Kukishinden Ryu]] is that the weapon was
introduced from [[China]] during the [[5th century]]. This would make the weapon the most likely precursor to the [[naginata]]. Used in warfare as an anti-cavalry weapon, it would be used against both horse and rider.
==Famous users==
* [[Guan Yu]]
* [[Zhang Liao]]
* [[Whitebeard|Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate]] (fictional)
*Hatsumi, Masaaki. ''Ninjutsu: History and Tradition''.
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