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:Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm afraid there is not much I can do myself, but I'll try to contact some Spanish users about this. I think the rule is too rigid in this case. The IMSLP is not providing some textual information that anyone can edit. It provides scanned music scores, and each single file is checked by a team of appointed reviewers before it is made accessible to the public. --[[Utente:Leonard Vertighel|“Ricordati…”]] ([[Discussioni utente:Leonard Vertighel|msg]]) 18:41, 27 gen 2009 (CET)
:By the way, could you tell me your user name at the Spanish Wikipedia so I can get back to you? Thanks --[[Utente:Leonard Vertighel|“Ricordati…”]] ([[Discussioni utente:Leonard Vertighel|msg]]) 19:30, 27 gen 2009 (CET)
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