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===NeoSpeech and Nuance voices===
Concatenation with a larger amount of recorded data (about 500 Megabytes), along with other undisclosed methods, is apparently used by [[NeoSpeech]]'s [[SAPI 5]] voices "Lily" and "Wang",<ref>[http://www.nextup.com/neospeech.html NeoSpeech SAPI5 TTS Voices for TextAloud, Kurzweil K3000, Jaws and Other Voice Programs<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> which can, in most cases, reliably synthesize awkward phrases provided they are added to the dictionary properly<ref>[http://www.nextup.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=8252#8252 NextUp.com :Text To Speech Software Forums: View topic - Cannot make Neospeech Lily read pinyin (phonetic text)<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> and does not suffer from the severe inflexibility and forced joins of simpler concatenation-based synthesis.
The Nuance (formerly ScanSoft) RealSpeak MeiLing voice (available from [http://www.nextup.com/TextAloud/SpeechEngine/voices.html#Nuance NextUp] but note that it won't install without a purchased version of [http://www.nextup.com/ScanInstall.html TextAloud]) has similar properties but the download size is much smaller (42.7 MB). Due to bugs in the program, it is very difficult to get MeiLing to speak reliably from pinyin or [[zhuyin]] input.<ref>[http://www.nextup.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=9636#9636 NextUp.com :Text To Speech Software Forums: View topic - How to customize pronunciation in ScanSoft MeiLing?<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
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