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#* il template {{tl|EDP}}, che indica chiaramente che il file viene utilizzato in base all'EDP per it.wiki;
#* una chiara spiegazione del motivo per cui il file non è razionalmente sostituibile (ad esempio, "artista deceduto").
== Requirements ==
Multimedia files ([[Aiuto:Immagini|pictures]], [[Aiuto:Suoni|sounds]], video materials) whose license does not fulfill the [http://freedomdefined.org/Definition/It Definition of Free Cultural Works] may be used on it.wiki only as long as they satisfy '''all''' the following requirements:
#It is not reasonably possible to obtain equally illustrative material under a free license fulfilling the definition of free cultural works;
#The non-free license under which the file is available is listed in [[Wikipedia:Copyright immagini#Licenze non libere|Wikipedia:Copyright immagini]].
#The material is used exclusively in the [[Aiuto:Namespace|main namespace]], and in particolar in articles directly related to the content of the material (for example a CD cover only in the article for the album or the artist, the recording of a speech only in the article about the author of the speech itself). Each article may only contain a limited number of such non-free files (for example, you cannot create a gallery of non-free images).
#The [[Wikipedia:Pagina di descrizione|description page]] for the file contains '''all''' the following pieces of information:
#* a correct source of the file;
#* a correct denomination of the copyright older (possibly transcluded from a [[Aiuto:Schema dei template/Immagini|license template]]);
#* the {{tl|EDP}} template, which explains how the file can only be used according to it.wiki's EDP;
#* a clear explanation of the reason why the material reasonably cannot be replaced, for example "The person portrayed in this picture is deceased".
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