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Nomex has also been used for its unique acoustic qualities, the first time being used in Troy, NY at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center [[EMPAC]]'s main concert hall. Nomex reflects high-frequency sound, and increases mid- and low-level frequency sound. According to RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson, EMPAC is the first venue in the world to use Nomex for acoustic reasons.
The DuPont scientist responsible for discoveries leading to the creation of Nomex, [[Wilfred Sweeny|Dr. Wilfred Sweeny]], earned a DuPont [[Lavoisier Medal]]<ref>{{cite news |url= |title=Nomex® Scientist Earns Lavoisier Medal |publisher=FiberSource |date=[[June 20 giugno]], [[2002]] |accessdate=2008-08-08}}</ref> partly for this work in 2002.
Honeycomb-structured Nomex paper is also used as a spacer between layers of lead in the [[ATLAS]] Liquid Argon Calorimeter<ref></ref>
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