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m ({{Basket Columbus Horizon}})
{{Carriera sportivo
|1966|[[Detroit Ford Mustangs]]|
|1966-1971|{{Basket New York Knicks|G}}|344
|1971-1974|{{Basket Golden State Warriors|G}}|241
|1974-1977|{{Basket Los Angeles Lakers|G}}|196
|1977-1978|{{Basket Chicago Bulls|G}}|36
{{Carriera sportivo
|1980-1981|{{Basket Philadelphia Kings|G}}|37
|allenatore =
{{Carriera sportivo
|1981-1985|{{Basket Lancaster Lightning|A}}|
|1985|[[Jersey Jammers]]|
|1986-1988|[[Wyoming Wildcatters]]|
|1988-1990|{{Basket Atlanta Hawks}}|<small>(vice)</small>
|1990-1991|{{Basket Grand Rapids Hoops|A}}|
{{Carriera sportivo
|1991-1992|[[Mid Michigan Great Lakers]]|
|1992-1994|{{Basket Columbus Horizon|A}}|
|1994-1996|Centennial High School|
|1996-|[[Savannah College of Art and Design]]|167-128
{{Draft NBA 1966}}
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