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|Nome = José Matveevič
|Cognome = de Ribas
As a son-in-law of Ivan Betskoy and a secretary to Prince Potemkin, he became one of the earliest administrators of the New Russia. He was actively involved in the conspiracy to overthrow Emperor Paul but died several months before the coup took place. Contemporaries thought he had been poisoned by one of the conspirators, Count von der Pahlen, to keep him from revealing the plot under the effects of the fever. His tomb is in the Smolensky Lutheran Cemetery.-->
[[ru:Дерибас, Осип Михайлович]]
[[ca:Josep de Ribas i Boyons]]
[[fr:José de Ribas]]
[[gl:José de Ribas]]
[[ru:Дерибас, Осип Михайлович]]
[[uk:Йосип Михайлович де Рібас]]
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