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TheL'alfabeto Jawi alphabetè hasstato existedin foresistenza manyper centuriestanti seculi in [[Nusantara]] (the Malay world). Its development is linked with the arrival of [[Islam]]. It consists of mostly Arabic characters along with some extra characters unique to Jawi.
The Jawi alphabet is one of the earliest scripts used for writing Malay. Jawi has been in use since the era of [[Pasai Islam]], to the era of the [[Sultanate of Malacca]], [[Sultanate of Johor]] and also [[Acheh]] in the [[17th century]]. Evidence of this is found in the [[Terengganu Tablet]] (Batu Bersurat Terengganu), dated 1303 A.D. (702H by the [[Islamic Calendar]]), whereas the earliest use of the [[Roman alphabet]] is found near the end of the [[19th century]].
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