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*''[[On Our Selection]]'' (1920)
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*''On[[Keep Our SelectionPunching]]'' (19201939)
*''Keep[[My PunchingFavorite Blonde]]'' (19391942)
*''My Favorite Blonde'' (1942)
*''[[Take a Letter, Darling]]'' (1942)
*''[[Night in New Orleans]]'' (1942)
*''[[Avventura al Cairo]]'' (''Cairo''), regia di [[W.S. Van Dyke]] ([[1942]])
*''[[Casablanca (film)|Casablanca]]'', regia di [[Michael Curtiz]] (1942)
*''[[Two Tickets to London]]'' (1943)
*''[[Stormy Weather (film 1943)|Stormy Weather]]'', regia di [[Andrew L. Stone]] (1943)
*''[[Higher and Higher]]'' (1943))
*''[[Seven Days Ashore]]'' (1944)
*''[[Triple Threat]]'' (1948)
*''[[Racing Luck]]'' (1948)
*''[[Knock on Any Door]]'' (1949)
*''[[Le due suore]]'' (1949)
*''[[Tell It to the Judge]]'' (1949)
*''[[Free for All]]'' (1949)
*''[[No Man of Her Own]]'' (1950)
*''[[Father Is a Bachelor]]'' (1950)
*''[[Passage West]]'' (1951)
*''[[Beulah (seriesserie televisiva)|The Beulah Show]]'' (1950) TV- SeriesSerie TV
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