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Il museo pubblica una rivista: ''Вісник Одеського музею нумізматики'' (Bollettino del museo numismatico di Odesa)<ref>Server of East-European Archeology.[http://archaeology.kiev.ua/links/ukraine.htm ''Ukraine. Journals''].</ref>, che comprende articoli di argomento numismatico e correlati con le monete.
Research by the Odessa Numismatics Museum is published in the periodical, ''Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum''.<ref>Server of East-European Archeology.[http://archaeology.kiev.ua/links/ukraine.htm ''Ukraine. Journals''].</ref> The Bulletin includes articles on unique and rare coins from ancient cities of the Northern Black Sea region, analysis of the coins (typology, semantics of images, chronology, coin metrics and metallurgy) and attempts to link this in with historical events, the economy and worldview of the times. Such publications allow us to bring to light previously unknown findings and enrich the knowledge of the coins from our Region. The Museum's research activity is a continuation of close two 200 year tradition of research by renowned Odessa numismatists, and contributes greatly to study of the history of the Northern Black Sea region.<ref>Publishing House Polis.[http://www.fridmanbooks.netfirms.com/author_numizmat/Alexeev/alekseyev.htm ''V.P. Alekseyev''].</ref>
Il catalogo è stato pubblicato in quattro volumi, in russo e inglese.
The year 2004 saw the publication of the ''Collected Articles of Numismatics of the Northern Black Sea Region''. It covered 19 issues of the "Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum" showing the results of the Museum's research over the last five years. The need for this collection arose for two reasons: the growing interest in the ancient numismatics of the Northern Black Sea region, both in Ukraine as well as abroad, and the rarity of early issues of the "Bulletin" which was originally published as non-commercially and in very limited editions. The collected volume contains illustrations of 363 coins, many of them rare and unique examples.<ref>Vladimir P.Alexeev, Peter G.Loboda. "Rare and Unpublished Coins of Kerkinitida and Chersonessos". [http://www.museum.com.ua/en/nauch_isled/vestn2.html ''“Bulletin of the Odessa Numismatics Museum“'']. No.12. 2002.</ref>
The Museum's collection has been published in the ''Catalogue of the Collection of the Odessa Numismatics Museum'', in four volumes. All volumes have been released in two language versions, Russian and English. On the basis of the museum's collection many publications have been written, as well as numerous papers for various scientific conferences and lectures or public talks.
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