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...and now it is a template ({{tl|CPbox}}), so that we can now automatically add categories :-) -- [[Utente:Gianfranco|g]] · ℵ ([[Discussioni utente:Gianfranco|msg]]) 00:51, 29 apr 2014 (CEST)
== A question ==
As a user is asking [[Wikipedia:Bar/Discussioni/Personal_Acquaintances#Tutto_pronto.2C_si_parte|here]], we wonder whether acquaintances made via video-phone call can be considered or not true acquaintances for the project. Thank you in advance for your help :-) -- [[Utente:Gianfranco|g]] · ℵ ([[Discussioni utente:Gianfranco|msg]]) 01:53, 29 apr 2014 (CEST)
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