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When the party encountered the [[Snake River]], they abandoned their horses and attempted to travel downstream. After nine days of successful travel they lost a man and two canoes in the rapids, and reconsidered their plan. They divided into four parties, and took different routes to approach the mouth of the Columbia.<ref name=furtradebook/>
The trip from [[Missouri]] to the future site of [[Astoria, Oregon]] took 340 days.<ref name=furtradebook/> According to his own account, Hunt traveled 2,073 miles from a village of the [[Aricara]]s, in present-day [[South Dakota]], to the end of the journey.<ref name=huntjournal>[http://www.xmission.com/~drudy/mtman/html/wphunt/index.html Introduction to Hunt's Journal<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
A return expedition was led by [[Robert Stuart (explorer)|Robert Stuart]], who discovered the [[South Pass (Wyoming)|South Pass]], a key feature of the soon-to-be-established [[Oregon Trail]].<ref name=virginia/>
Hunt's expedition is one of many scenes depicted on the [[Astoria Column]],<ref>[http://www.astoriacolumn.org/pages/history2.htm Astoria Column, Column Scenes, Mural Views<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> and his name is inscribed in a [[frieze]] in the [[Oregon State Senate]] chamber of the [[Oregon State Capitol]].
Historical records refer to Hunt both as "William"<ref name=furtradebook/><ref name=wyoming>[http://www.mountainmancountry.com/more/history.html Heritage & History of Sublette County, Wyoming<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> and as "Wilson."<ref>[http://www.3rd1000.com/history3/biography/wphunt.htm Wilson Price Hunt<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><ref name=npsfurtrade>[http://www.nps.gov/archive/jeff/LewisClark2/Circa1804/WestwardExpansion/EarlyExplorers/FurTradeExplorers.htm Fur Trade Explorers<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
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