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*[[IEEE 1394]]
*[[Serial Attached SCSI]]
Tutti questi tipi di dispositivi son in grado di interpretare, in tutto o in parte, il set di comandi SCSI.
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Mass market SCSI divides into two theories and practice. One theory is the ANSI/ INCITS t10.org theory, dominant in internal and detachable storage. A competing theory is the SFF theory, dominant in removable storage, not well represented on the web. Massively distributed BCO (binary code only) hosts dominate practice, forcing device designers to marry both theories, for example. Mass market SCSI practice includes more than SAM folk make time to write down, in an overlapping list such as SCSI over USB, PATAPI (SCSI over IDE), SATAPI (SCSI over SATA), SCSI over FireWire, and classic SCSI (SPI).
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