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# Gerhard Casper (1992 - 2000)
# [[John L. Hennessy]] (2000 - presente)
=== Galleria ===
Contemporary campus landmarks include the [[Main Quad (Stanford University)|Main Quad]] and [[Stanford Memorial Church|Memorial Church]], the [[Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts|Cantor Center for Visual Arts]] and [[Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts|art gallery]], the [[Stanford Mausoleum]] and the [[Angel of Grief]], [[Hoover Tower]], the [[Auguste Rodin|Rodin]] sculpture garden, the [[Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden]], the [[Arizona Cactus Garden]], the [[Stanford University Arboretum]], [[Green Library]] and [[the Dish (landmark)|the Dish]]. [[Frank Lloyd Wright]]'s 1937 [[Hanna–Honeycomb House]] and the 1919 [[Lou Henry Hoover House]] are both listed on the [[National Historic Register]]. Previous landmarks included Meyer Library, which has since been demolished. As of March 2015, the old library grounds are intended to be converted to an open green space park.<ref>{{cite web|title=Meyer to be replaced by Open Space |url=http://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/october/meyer-library-future-10-14-14.html|website=Stanford News|accessdate=17 March 2015}}</ref> As of 2014, Stanford opened a new meditation center, Windhover Contemplation Center, open to students and faculty.<ref>{{cite web|title=Contemplative Center|url=http://news.stanford.edu/news/2013/february/windhover-contemplative-center-020613.html|website=Stanford News|accessdate=17 March 2015}}</ref>
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Stanford Memorial Church Interior 2.jpg|<center>Interior of the [[Stanford Memorial Church]] at the center of the Main Quad</center>
Lou Henry Hoover House from NW.jpg|<center>[[Lou Henry Hoover House]], official residence of the University President</center>
Stanford University Hoover Tower.JPG|<center>[[Hoover Tower]], at {{convert|285|ft|m}}, the tallest building on campus</center>
The Dish, Stanford University.jpg|<center>[[The Dish (landmark)|The Dish]], a {{convert|150|ft|m}} diameter radio telescope on the Stanford foothills overlooking the main campus</center>
The-Golden-Spike-7Oct2012.jpg|<center>The original [[Golden spike]] on display at the Cantor Arts Museum at Stanford University</center>
Stanford Quad at night.jpg|<center>Stanford Main Quad at night</center>
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