Differenze tra le versioni di "Rose Hall (Montego Bay)"

[[File:Ground-Plan-Rose-Hall.JPG|thumb|Piantina del piano terra di Rose Hall.]]
[[File:Rose-Hall-Before-Reconstruction.JPG|thumb|Rose Hall prima della ristrutturazione.]]
Rose Hall è stata acquistata nel 1977 dall'ex [[Miss USA]] [[Michele Rollins]] e dal suo marito imprenditore [[John Rollins]]. <!-- They refurbished it at great personal expense and conceptualised a tour and museum that showcase Rose Hall's slave history, antique splendor and original fittings. Rose Hall also offers night tours that focus on the "Annie Palmer" legend: supposed locations of underground tunnels, bloodstains, hauntings and murders. Seances are also held on the property in an attempt to conjure Annie's spirit. -->
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