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credits for image
<small style="background:#f00">'''★&nbsp;[[User:Airon90|<span style="color:#000">→ A</span>]][[Special:Contributions/Airon90|<span style="color:#f00;background:#000">ir</span>]][[User talk:Airon90|<span style="color:#000">on&nbsp;90</span>]]'''</small> 13:31, 21 mar 2017 (CET)
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Hi Serhatakbak, I'm sorry but I'm not the author of the picture. I uploaded it on WIkipedia years ago but honeslty I can't remember from where it was taken. Regards --[[Utente:Snowdog|Snowdog]] <small>([[Discussioni utente:Snowdog|bucalettere]])</small> 15:36, 11 mag 2017 (CEST)