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Stanford Memorial Church Interior 2.jpg|<div align="center">Interior of the Stanford Memorial Church at the center of the Main Quad</centerdiv>
Lou Henry Hoover House from NW.jpg|<div align="center">Lou Henry Hoover House, official residence of the University President</centerdiv>
Stanford University Hoover Tower.JPG|<div align="center">Hoover Tower, at {{convert|285|ft|m}}, the tallest building on campus</centerdiv>
The Dish, Stanford University.jpg|<div align="center">The Dish, a {{convert|150|ft|m}} diameter radio telescope on the Stanford foothills overlooking the main campus</centerdiv>
The-Golden-Spike-7Oct2012.jpg|<div align="center">The original Golden spike on display at the Cantor Arts Museum at Stanford University</centerdiv>
Stanford Quad at night.jpg|<div align="center">Stanford Main Quad at night</centerdiv>
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