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non so ancora parlare, per favore contattate il mio padrone nella sua pagina di discussione se qualcosa non va

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questo bot è stato inattivo per vari mesi, non so se tutti i flag siano ancora validi

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Ha corrispondenti non flaggati in tutte le wiki indicate come interlink; prima o poi chiederà lo status di bot anche là


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Hi, I am [[:it:Utente:Riccardov|Riccardo]] from [[:it:Pagina Principale|]]. Riccardobot is a pywikipedia bot for correcting interwiki links interactively, 
I plan to use it without regular basis, rarely, more often to correct wrong interwiki in categories, 
bot is already flagged as bot in en, it, fr, de, nl, sl and lb wikipedia 
([[:it:Utente:Riccardobot]] [] 
and [[:en:User:Riccardobot]] [], see [[:it:Utente:Riccardobot]]) 
i mostly use it with single articles or cat (with -subcat), often in religion related articles.
You will notice similar request in many wikis... 

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{| style="border: 2px solid gray; margin-left:10%; margin-right:10%; margin-top:30px; margin-bottom:30px; width:80%; background:lightblue;"
|align="center"|[[Image:Crystal Clear action run.png|50px]]
|align="left" width="100%"|'''This user account is a [[Wikipedia:Bots|bot]] operated by [[:it:Utente:Riccardov]].'''
It is not a ''sock puppet'', but rather a semi-automated account for making very low-rate repetitive interwiki management that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
<small>''Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please [[Special:Blockip/{{PAGENAME}}|block it]] and then [[:it:Discussioni utente:Riccardov|send owner a message]]''</small>

Note from the owner: I am not able to understand you language, I know that a bot should be flagged, but since this one is only used for a single article at time manually assisted, it shouldn't harm. Homever this bot is flagged in his en, it, lb, fr, sl, de and other wiki listed [[:it:Utente:Riccardobot#Flaggate come bot|here]] (always as riccardobot user: [[:it:Utente:Riccardobot|it:riccardobot]], [[:en:User:riccardobot|en:riccardobot]], etc...)

I will apply for a flag as soon as possible, if you could point me to an english instruction page...
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[[User:Riccardo|riccardo]] (better [[:it:Utente:Riccardov|it]]) operator of [[User:Riccardobot|Riccardobot]]

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you better give me advices in [[:it:Discussioni utente:Riccardov|my italian discussion page]] --~~~~

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