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Wikipedia:Autorizzazioni ottenute/ngw

Autorizzazione all'uso degli stemmi su www.ngw.nl

From: "{nome cognome}" <xxxxxx>
Subject: Betr: Request about www.ngw.nl
To: "Marco C." <xxxxxx>

Fine by me.

> -- Oorspronkelijk bericht --
> From: Marco C. <xxxxxxxx>
> To: xxxxxxx
> Subject: Request about www.ngw.nl
> Date: 12 Apr 2005 14:05:15 +0100
> Dear {nome},
> First of all congratulations for your website, that's a huge selection!
> > I'm writing because I would like to use the coat of arms of the Swiss > communes that are on your website on it.wikipedia.org Wikipedia is a free > > multi-lingual encyclopedia (You may have already heard about it) so the use > > would be absolutely non-commercial. I will of course acknowledge your > website and whoever is needed! >
> Thank you very much,
> Marco C.