Live Hardcore Worldwide

Live Hardcore Worldwide
ArtistaBoogie Down Productions
Tipo albumLive
GenereHip hop
EtichettaJive/RCA Records
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Live Hardcore Worldwide è l'unico album dal vivo del gruppo hip hop statunitense Boogie Down Productions, pubblicato nel 1991.


  1. KRS-One Intro
  2. Lick A Shot
  3. The Eye Opener
  4. Jack Of Spades
  5. My Philosophy
  6. Still #1 (Freestyle)
  7. Poetry
  8. House Nigga's
  9. Criminal Minded
  10. Jimmy
  11. The Bridge Is Over
  12. Ya Know The Rules
  13. Kenny Parker Intro
  14. South Bronx
  15. Reggae Medley
  16. Super Hoe
  17. Up To Date
  18. Why Is That
  19. Stop The Violence
  20. Bo Bo Bo
  21. Come To The Teacher
  22. Breath Control II
  23. Self Destruction
  24. KRS-One Outro

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