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==Edward Moss==
|Titolo = Sir
|Nome = Horace Edward
|Cognome = Moss
|PostCognomeVirgola =
|Sesso = M
|LuogoNascita = Droylsden
|LuogoNascitaLink =
|GiornoMeseNascita = 12 aprile
|AnnoNascita = 1852
|LuogoMorte = Gorebridge
|LuogoMorteLink =
|GiornoMeseMorte = 25 novembre
|AnnoMorte = 1912
|Attività = imprenditore
|Nazionalità = britannico
|NazionalitàNaturalizzato =
|PostNazionalità =
|Immagine =
|Didascalia =
|DimImmagine =
Sir Horace Edward Moss (12 April 1852 – 25 November 1912)[1] was a British theatre impresario and the founder chairman and joint managing director of the Moss Empires Ltd theatre combine which he created in 1899, and floated on the Stock Exchange, after first joining forces with Richard Thornton of Newcastle and later with Oswald Stoll then operating in Wales. From its start and during the 20th century Moss Empires remained the largest group of variety theatres in Britain, with over 50 venues at its height, and was regarded as the largest in the world. It was he who, in 1904, introduced a "four shows a day" system at some of his theatres; he was also the first to allow advance booking of seats in a music hall.
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