Differenze tra le versioni di "Teen Choice Awards 2016"

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*'''''[[Alla ricerca di Dory]]'''''
*''[[CentralUna Intelligencespia e mezzo]]''
*''[[Ghostbusters (film 2016)|Ghostbusters]]''
*''[[Independence Day: Resurgence]]''
*''[[X-Men: Apocalypse]]''
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*'''[[Kevin Hart (attore)|Kevin Hart]] – ''[[CentralUna Intelligencespia e mezzo]]'''''
*[[Stephen Amell]] – ''[[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows]]''
*[[Dave Franco]] – ''[[Now You See Me 2]]''
*[[Chris Hemsworth]] – ''[[Ghostbusters (film 2016)|Ghostbusters]]''
*[[Liam Hemsworth]] – ''[[Independence Day: Resurgence]]''
*[[Dwayne Johnson]] – ''[[CentralUna Intelligencespia e mezzo]]''
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*'''[[Ellen DeGeneres]] – ''[[Finding Dory]]'''''