The Platinum Collection (Fine Young Cannibals)

album dei Fine Young Cannibals del 2006
The Platinum Collection
ArtistaFine Young Cannibals
Tipo albumRaccolta
GenerePop rock
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The Platinum Collection è un album raccolta dei Fine Young Cannibals, pubblicato nel 2006.


  1. She Drives Me Crazy
  2. Johnny Come Home
  3. Suspicious Minds
  4. I'm Not the Man I Used to Be
  5. I'm Not Satisfied
  6. Blue
  7. Funny How Love Is
  8. Ever Fallen in Love
  9. Don't Look B
  10. It's OK (It's Alright)
  11. Pull the Sucker Off
  12. Prick up Your Ears
  13. Wade in the Water
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