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Hello everybody,

This is user 05Pier personal space. I will write here everything you may require to know about myself such as professional skills which are likely to be useful to Wikipedia. I will also put here each previous work I will have done for some articles and what I am going to do in order to support Wikipedia.

I was born in Italy, and 'Pier' is my nickname. I am a student as well as a worker. Do not hesitate to contact me for anything you will need. I'm open to constructive criticism, so let me know if something goes wrong in what I do here on Wikipedia. Feel free to ask me for any request or help.

I am focusing on translating articles more than writing new ones. I will mainly translate articles from Italian to English and from English to Italian, due to the fact that those are my better-spoken languages.

Moreover, I will improve some other articles by adding some small edits, too, also in other language (even if my level there are lower), like French and German.

I can also write and translate Latin, but still I don't know how and if it would be useful. 😂

Further information soon. 😉

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