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Hi, can you look after this? There is some self PR article with fake painting, and he's doing it agressive. I think we will block him in ru-wiki. --[[Utente:Shakko|Shakko]] ([[Discussioni utente:Shakko|msg]]) 19:51, 8 nov 2019 (CET)
:Hi [[Utente:Shakko|Shakko]]! Is it solved? I have been on holidays ;) Francesco.--[[Utente:Sailko|<span style="color:slateblue">S</span><span style="color:purple">ail</span>]][[Discussioni utente:Sailko|<span style="color:olive">ko</span>]] 19:43, 17 nov 2019 (CET)
::simply add it in your check list when you'll return, it will be long story. --[[Utente:Shakko|Shakko]] ([[Discussioni utente:Shakko|msg]]) 19:47, 17 nov 2019 (CET)