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This portrait isn't Lucrezia Gonzaga. Official title is "Portrait of a Patrician Woman and Her Daughter". Possibly "Titian’s mistress Milia and their daughter Emilia". See Jaynie Anderson, Larry Keith, Irina Artemieva. Titian's Hidden Double Portrait: Unveiled After 500 Year. Cannibal Publishing, 2020, ISBN 978-9463887007 and the title in the museum[https://rubenshuis.be/nl/pagina/zij-was-geen-engel]. --[[Utente:Shakko|Shakko]] ([[Discussioni utente:Shakko|msg]]) 18:36, 26 nov 2021 (CET)
:{{ping|Shakko}}. Some historians attribute the figure of the woman to the noble Lucrezia Gonzaga. Under the heading ''Portrait of a woman and her daughter'' (italian: [[Ritratto di una donna e sua figlia]]) there are the sources of attribution. Thanks. --[[Utente:Teseo|<span style="color:navy;">'''Teseo'''</span>]] <sub>([[Discussioni utente:Teseo|✉]])</sub> 19:35, 26 nov 2021 (CET)
::if it so, please add this info in this article. --[[Utente:Shakko|Shakko]] ([[Discussioni utente:Shakko|msg]]) 20:27, 26 nov 2021 (CET)