Differenze tra le versioni di "Supergruppo (musica)"

* '''SMV''' (dal 2008), con [[Stanley Clarke]], [[Marcus Miller]] e [[Victor Wooten]].
* '''The Soultronics''' (2000), con James Poyser, Pino Palladino, [[?uestlove]], F.Knuckles, Jeff Lee Johnson, Chalmers 'Spanky' Alford, [[Roy Hargrove]], [[Russell Gunn]], Franck Lacy, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Anthony Hamilton e Shelby Johnson.
*"Empire of the Sun"(2007), con Luke Steele ((The Sleepy Jackson)), Nick Littlemore ((Pnau))
* '''[[Chickenfoot]]''' (dal 2008) con [[Sammy Hagar]] ([[Van Halen]]), [[Michael Anthony]] ([[Van Halen]]), [[Joe Satriani]] e [[Chad Smith]] ([[Red Hot Chili Peppers]]).
* '''Mongrel''' (dal 2008) con Jon McClure (Reverend and the Makers), Lowkey (Poisonous Poets), [[Andy Nicholson (musicista)|Andy Nicholson]] (ex-[[Arctic Monkeys]]), Joe Moskow (Reverend and the Makers), Drew McConnell ([[Babyshambles]]), [[Matt Helders]] ([[Arctic Monkeys]]).
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