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re:Global account for your botModifica

I haven't used the account on Commons for years and I forgot the password so I'm not able to unify it in a global account.--ESCULAPIO @msg 10:36, 19 gen 2015 (CET)

[@ Esculapio] I was able to verify your account ownership on commons using this diff: [1]. Due to that, I've now duplicated the email address of your global account to the account of your bot on commons. You can now request a new password for your bot on commons on commons:Special:PasswordReset. After that you can merge that account into your bot's global account via Special:MergeAccount (either here or on commons). Cheers, Hoo man (msg) 20:38, 19 gen 2015 (CET)

Re: Global accountModifica

Hi DerHexer and thanks for the notice. Unfortunately I can not complete the process of unification, because the page asks to me the password of the user "Malemar" on en.wiki , but I have no account in en.wiki (in fact the user page is empty). What have I to do? Bye. --Malemar (msg) 15:20, 19 gen 2015 (CET)

[@ Malemar] I've usurped the account following the m:Usurpation policy as it had no visible edits. Your global account is now completed. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (msg) 01:23, 20 gen 2015 (CET)
[@ DerHexer] OK, thank you very much! Cheers. --Malemar (msg) 15:14, 20 gen 2015 (CET)

Re: Global AccountModifica

ok, thank you. Now it should be ok.--Eustace Bagge (msg) 17:33, 19 gen 2015 (CET)

[@ Eustace Bagge] I've usurped one account with no visible edits following the m:Usurpation policy which completed your global account. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (msg) 01:25, 20 gen 2015 (CET)

Re:Global accountModifica

Hi Mr. DerHexer
due to my hacked mailbox (the russian mafia read all my bank accounts and entered my gmail mailbox then reached me on an adult chat site threatening to kill me. I sent my full claim and all my copied talks I had on skype to the italian postal Police at the end of march 2014) and due to the loss of my password I no longer can relog in my several WP accounts as Nipas. As I didnt know where the threat was coming from (I had some problems with some italian IPs on WP who reached me on my home phone with speechless repeated calls too) I preferred to stop contributing so that I left the authomatic WP login after reformatting my pc).

Now, since I've got a new gmail mailbox as suggested by the italian police, what should I do to come back to contribute using my Nipas username ?. Any usefull suggestion and help will be very much appreciated. Regards Nipas (Nicola Pascale).-- (msg) 22:36, 19 gen 2015 (CET)

Hi, do you have some way to verify that the account truly belongs to you? You could possibly do that by using a committed identity, if you have one. If you haven't, a possible way would be to log into one of your other local wiki accounts (like on the English Wikipedia or on the Dutch Wikipedia) and make an edit which confirms that the account is belonging to you (but please don't yet change the email address in that account, I need that to stay in order to link your accounts by confirmed email addresses). After that is done, you just need to give me your new email address (either just post it here, or send me an email hoo online.de). Cheers, Hoo man (msg) 01:58, 20 gen 2015 (CET)

Global accountModifica

Thank you for the advice. I'll take into consideration what you have written to me in the message. Good work in WP.--Justinianus da Perugia (msg) 10:44, 22 gen 2015 (CET)

[@ Justinianus da Perugia] Sure, if you have question, just drop me a note. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (msg) 13:22, 22 gen 2015 (CET)

Re: Global accountModifica

Hi, no other "Piddu" account in the other wikimedia projects belongs to me, neither en.wikipedia.org not en.wikiversity.org nor nl.wikipedia.org (these are the accounts with the same name as mine I see listed in Special:UnificaUtenze). it.wiki is the only project I signed up to. What should I do? Thanks --Piddu (msg) 13:58, 26 gen 2015 (CET)

[@ Piddu] As soon as you have created a global account by once submitting your password on Special:MergeAccount, I can usurp these two accounts with no local edits. The remaining enwiki account will be automatically usurped during SUL finalization till April 2014 by the Wikimedia Foundation which will make your account a completed global one. Cheers, DerHexer (msg) 21:48, 31 gen 2015 (CET)

Global accountModifica

Hadrianus DerexHeri suo salutem. Carissime, civis romanus sum et wikipedianus! Hi! Excuse me for my poor english. I studied latin for 8 years and ancient greek for 5 in Rome but after I forgot it! After I studied law and was graduated in Rome in 1977. I read your message and I tried to do global account. So it seems that for ja.wiki all is ok but in en.wiki, because was not possible to have user Adriano, I put Adriano C. (same pass). How to solve the problem? Is possible to change the user name or is possible to link the account Adriano C. with Adriano? It is very difficult for me to understand computer problems: I'm interested to History of 18th century, Venice, Japan..... Thank you for helping! Greetings from the beautiful Rome (we have now 2 popes....).Adriano (msg) 16:07, 17 feb 2015 (CET)

[@ Adriano] I usurped some Adriano accounts with no visible edits following the m:Usurpation policy. The remaining ones will be notified and automatically usurped during SUL finalization till April 2015 by the Wikimedia Foundation. Once all your accounts are completed global ones, stewards could merge their names and edits upon their request as soon as the account merge tool will be available for us. That merge action would combine all your edits done by multiple accounts with one global account, Adriano for example. Of course, you can still keep them separated if you prefer. If you have any problem with doing that, I'm confident that we can solve them together. :-) Cheers, DerHexer (msg) 21:21, 26 feb 2015 (CET)

Partecipa ora a Wiki Loves Monuments: c'è un posto giusto per teModifica

Concorso Wiki Loves Monuments Italia 2018 (English version)

Gentile DerHexer, ti scrivo per ringraziarti del tuo contributo alle voci sul territorio italiano, in particolare Bari.

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), il più grande concorso fotografico del mondo, si svolge anche questo settembre per documentare e promuovere il patrimonio culturale italiano, con una licenza copyright libera. Quest'anno è doppiamente facile partecipare: gli oggetti fotografabili coprono quasi 1000 comuni in più, compresi i luoghi di cui hai scritto in Wikipedia in italiano. Hanno infatti aderito centinaia di nuovi enti fra cui Roma, e si possono fotografare circa 2000 alberi monumentali.

Controlla le liste di monumenti fotografabili e carica tutte le foto che vuoi entro il 30 settembre. Potresti anche scoprire un monumento da visitare fra quelli che ancora non hanno una foto.

Grazie, Nemo 08:19, 21 set 2018 (CEST)

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