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Naturalmente un benvenuto anche da parte mia! Se avessi bisogno di qualcosa non esitare a contattarmi. Rojelio (dimmi tutto) 14:30, 19 ago 2017 (CEST)


Hi! I just took the liberty of adding a template babel in your userpage so other user will know in which language speak to you. Just one thing, here we use the template "ping", for example, if you write {{ping|nome utente}}, you get: [@ STS Manager], so I'll see a notification in my user page, otherwise you can directly reply in my userpage. Talking about the translation, I believe that she fit in all criteria for biographies of writer, you can find them here If you need, I will be happy to translate the criteria. I put your Sandbox in my whatchlist, so as soon as you want to start the work I will be notified Happy staying on it.Wiki! --STS Manager(Push to talk) 12:05, 3 ott 2017 (CEST)

Good evening ! That was an excellent idea, I was already wondering where I was to find the correct Babel boxes ;-) Splendid that you sent me the link about the criteria. I just went and had a look and I agree, my author is the perfect person for that. Thanks for offering me to translate it. I was able to understand it Her books were translated into at least 30 countries. Even China and Korea! I know it sounds unbelievable. I will start as soon as possible. Erm, to be honest, I do not know yet how to open that draft page on the Italian Wikipedia. Otherwise I would have started to copy the text already. I know that I am aloud to do that. I had asked in the Teahouse and they said if I am the one who wrote the article that is correct. So now I need only to find out how to create that page here and then we can start. I am really excited about this. In the meantime, have a nice evening and until soon, best to you Laramie1960 (msg) 20:52, 3 ott 2017 (CEST)

We don't have a specific namespace for drafts in, so the general rule is to create a subpage in the namespace "Utente" (as it sound, is the italian one for "user") called User:Username/Sanbox. Usually we call "Sanbox" subpages that contain drafts or tests, but you can give to the page the name that you want. If you have any question about how work, you can write here in any language and someone will help you! Hoping that this help!--STS Manager(Push to talk) 22:51, 3 ott 2017 (CEST)
Perfect! So I will start to translate soontm, meanwhile for any question feel free to ask, good staying.--STS Manager(Push to talk) 10:49, 5 ott 2017 (CEST)
Hi! Fantastic news :-) Splendid that you will also answer my questions if I get "lost" on the Italian Wikipedia. Before I turned off yesterday, I forgot to tell you, that I will write some sentences concerning GARZANTI. Since this is the Italian Encyclopedia I can imagine that Italian readers would like to know more about those books which were translated in Italian then in England. Unfortunately I cannot find so far any Italian article, but what I got is a special treat. Four pages of the beginning of the book in Italian, which had either been in an Italian Newspaper or Journal back in 1967. Also I have to compliment GARZANTI, they had done a great job with the book covers and espeically the first Catherine book. I have seen many foreign editions, but only the Italian book is presenting a Family-tree. I have one question for the moment: since you are the translator, I do hope we can mention that somewhere on the page. Maybe there are rules for that? Have a lovely day and fun translating, I know that it will be a great challenge, just tell me when you see something you believe it could be left out ;-) Talk to you soon again Laramie1960 (msg) 13:31, 5 ott 2017 (CEST)

Huston we've got a problem...Modifica

Hi [@ STS Manager]. While I was adding all the titles and publishers of Juliette's books, I was thinking ahead. I would love to add aside of her photo (which is already legally up on all the other Benzoni biography pages ;-), I wanted to add on the Italian Wikipedia her first Catherine book cover. I do not know how "difficult" that is on the Italian Wikipedia, but I suppose rules are everywhere the same. It says on all my Italian editions of Catherine and Marianne "Sopracoperta" Fulvio Bianconi. It is not possible to write to Fulvio Bianconi, he died in 1996. There exists a website of the late artist. But my guess is, Garzanti has the copyright. That would signify I would have to write to GARZANTI and ask them to give permission to upload the cover. But it is not done with that. Someone from Garzanti will have to send an email to permissions commons wikimedia org and say something like: we the copyright holder Garzanti, give the right to Wikimedia Commens to upload and use that image. What do you suggest to do? Until our next talk, have a lovely Weekend Laramie1960 (msg) 13:13, 6 ott 2017 (CEST)

Ha Laramie1960, first of all sorry for the delay on the reply, but for me is very difficult to find time for wiki on weekends. By the way, about the first question, I think I didn't understand the question... Do you mean that I shall dedicate some lines about the covers of books translated in italian (nothing aganist that, just asking)? About the copyright question, the problem is that italian law about copyrights are crappy, incomplete and anachronistic, we don't have iny fair use law ;) Keeping that in mind, if the image that you want to include is this: c:Belle Catherine.jpg, there are no problem because there is a OTRS template, if you mean another picture can you link it, or if isn't on wiki feel free to send me a mail. Bye

--STS Manager(Push to talk) 23:52, 6 ott 2017 (CEST)

Hi [@ STS Manager] please never feel pushed by me. Your studies come first and that is most important, everything else can wait. There is no time schedule on it. Back to my first question. What I had wanted to ask of you, if you would maybe write a text for me here on my Discussion page (Utente), so I can send it to Garzanti or to the erede of Fulvio Bianconi.

You see, it was me, who had asked the director of «Telos publishing» of the new edition of Belle Catherine in England, to write to OTRS (permission for Wikimedia Commens - it is the procedure, if we do not own the photo) to give his copyright, so that the cover could be uploaded. A day later it was done and that cover was up. In ogni modo, il mio pensiero, sarebbe piu bello da vedere la copertina italiano per questo articolo su Wikipedia Italiano. Here is a link to the Italian covers Wow, now you tell me the Italians are also very "particular" about copyrights. They are not alone, I am biting my teeth out to get the original German cover up. In my humble opinion, it would be the best of publicity for Garzanti (if they own the right?) or for the artist. For all to appreciate that copertina so many years later; lets be honest it was long forgotten if it were not for me ;-) I will ask a friend of mine from Italy to write a few words, I cannot ask it of you, you have already so much to do with your studies. For the moment, I wish you a lovely and sunny Weekend. Bye bye for now Laramie1960 (msg) 16:49, 7 ott 2017 (CEST)

New pageModifica

Dear Laramie1960, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. Everybody can write any article that respects our standards. You don't have any right to complain about what other writers decide to write and when, just because you wanted to do it instead. If you want to write about Juliette Benzoni you can do it, by helping to write the page that was today created. The writer (it wasn't me, by the way) used images that are available on Commons, and can be used on any wikimedia project. If you want to complain please do it, but I can guarantee you that you don't have the slightest reason on your side. Moreover, legal menaces are taken seriously here, and they if repeated they will lead you to infinite ban on the italian wikipedia, so please don't repeat them. --M&A (msg) 22:40, 21 feb 2018 (CET)

Se parli "perfettamente" italiano, perché mi scrivi in inglese? --M&A (msg) 22:41, 21 feb 2018 (CET)

Dear M&A I believe you are making fun of me! I did not complain that someone has started to write an article about my favorite author. Far from it, that makes me happy, but not under these circumstances. Let me first explain to yout why I do not write in Italian. It is not my native tongue, but if you would have taken your time to inform yourself, you would have found out that I asked last year for help on the English Wikipedia Teahouse. Everything we do on Wikipedia can be looked after as far as I know. Nothing gets deleted as you know as well as I do. If I could write as good in Italian as you can in English, be sure, I would have never come and asked for help on the Italian Wikipedia, I would have done it myself.

A Wikipedian with the name of STG manager came to my help and said he would translate my article, but it would take time. We had agreed that I create the article which I did on 4 October 2017 under the name of Laramie1960 -and he would from time to time translate. He started as you can see on my work - and then he stopped last October. Please do not tell me you cannot check that! Today, after waiting four months, I wrote a message to this young man and told him to let me know if he was not interested anymore to translate the article. How very strange that I find a few hours later today a brand new article-page about Juliette Benzoni. Why not use my article which I started? Why create a whole new article? What happens now with my work? Be sure that I will inform myself if everything was done legal here. About the photos which were used, of course they can be used. Since I am responsible that they have been uploaded, I know all about images by now. I have been in contact with Permission Commens Wikimedia not just once. Do not threathen me, because I have done nothing wrong. Best Laramie1960 (msg) 00:13, 22 feb 2018 (CET)

Hi, as you are doing your best to write to me in Italian I will do mine to write to you in English. :-) I saw that you are working with [@ NikTax] to complete the translation, I think that's a good idea. You can also make a request in Wikipedia:Richieste di traduzione, if you want. If you need help please let me know. --M&A (msg) 14:16, 3 mar 2018 (CET)

Hi M&A that's awefully nice of you, it is so much easier for me to write in English. Indeed it would be great if you could help. As you have seen I copied the English text into my Italian Sandbox (I have added the new edited version) I do not know if that is necessary, or whoever will work on the translation will look up directly the English article? Back to the Italian article, maybe it would be a splendid idea to ask in Wikipedia:Richieste di traduzione for help. Could you do that for me? I have already seen that there are two templates, stating that there are no references and the second: Questa voce è orfana Questa voce sull'argomento scrittori è orfana, ovvero priva di collegamenti in entrata da altre voci. Inseriscine almeno uno pertinente e non generico e rimuovi l'avviso. Segui i suggerimenti del progetto di riferimento.

I confess when it comes to the it.wk it is like Greek to me :-) If you prefer we can continue to discuss the article on my Italian Talk page or directly on the Italian Juliette Benzoni talk page. I want by no means insult [@ NikTax] with this request, but it is a long article, it would be a pity if the article would be deleted because it is not completed. About Benzoni, 2 novel series (Catherine and Marianne) were published in Italy by GARZANTI, they have the famous covers by the Artist Fulvio Bianconi. Benzoni wrote all together 86 books and loved the Italian Renaissance. Unfortunately the other books had not been translated so far. I am convinced it will be at the end a great article on the Italian Wikipedia. Looking forward to your answer. Laramie1960 (msg) 18:45, 3 mar 2018 (CET)


Does i have to delete the julette benzoni's article? NikTax 13.54 22/2/2018

Hello NikTax, Sto cercando di darti una risposta italiana. Il mio italiano scritto non è buono, ma capisco l'italiano molto bene - siamo vicini (Svizzera) No, non è necessario cancellare l' articolo. La mia persona è rimasta molto sorpreso (e un po' sconvolto all' inizio) di vedere un nuovo articolo quando ho già fatto il lavoro preliminare in data 4 ottobre 2017 Communque, tu trovi tutto ciò che conta è che esista sulla scrittrice Juliette Benzoni . Sarebbe di mio gratimento se tu potessi di tanto in tanto fare delle picole traduzioni prendi le testi qui Io posso incollare i links e i riferimenti. Sono sicuro che farà un articolo così affascinante. Penso che le cose vanno meglio insieme. Attendo con piacere la tua risposta. Laramie1960 (msg) 14:40, 22 feb 2018 (CET)


ok, ti aiuterò per tradurre la pagina