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Ciao Dispe, direi di si. Ormai sono uscite anche le startlist ;) --[[Utente:Dre Rock|Dre Rock]] ([[Discussioni utente:Dre Rock|msg]]) 00:42, 2 ago 2021 (CEST)
== Commons ==
Grazie mille for your work at Commons, but at the [[:c:Category:Taha Akgül]] you should remove all the following cats, most of which you added there - I understand- due to a copy*paste mistake: [[Category:2020 Summer Olympics wrestlers]], [[Category:2020 Summer Olympics medal winners]] ('''twice'''), [[Category:2020 Summer Olympics sportspeople from the United States]], [[Category:Olympic bronze medalists for the United States‎]]... Ciao. --[[Utente:E4024|E4024]] ([[Discussioni utente:E4024|msg]]) 16:22, 15 ott 2021 (CEST)