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Español: Bandera de Nagorno-Karabaj

The flag of Nagorno-Karabakh. David Benbennick wrote this file, based on the image given at Flags of the World. The colors are the same as Image:Flag of Armenia.svg. Construction details is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Armenia.svg



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  • results obtained by technical means without the intervention of human creative activity.
Copyright shall not extend to ideas, principles, methods, ceremonies (rituals), procedures, views (viewpoints), systems, proposed solutions, and discoveries of objectively existing phenomena.
Coat of arms of Artsakh.svg

In questa immagine è mostrata una bandiera, uno stemma, un sigillo o qualche altra insegna. L'uso di questi simboli è soggetto a restrizioni in diversi paesi. Queste restrizioni sono indipendenti dallo status del copyright.
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attuale23:04, 27 feb 2014Miniatura della versione delle 23:04, 27 feb 20141 080 × 540 (416 byte)SiBr4Removed doctype; reduced dimensions
22:32, 27 feb 2014Miniatura della versione delle 22:32, 27 feb 20141 350 × 675 (516 byte)NuclearVacuumStandardized colors to that of current Armenian flag color scheme. Code unaffected.
23:24, 24 mar 2013Miniatura della versione delle 23:24, 24 mar 20131 350 × 675 (513 byte)SiBr4Code; seams
05:20, 13 set 2008Miniatura della versione delle 05:20, 13 set 20081 350 × 675 (665 byte)DbenbennRevert to previous version: Aivazovsky's version seems inferior, and had no comment to explain why it was uploaded. Correct invalid id attribute.
01:54, 6 giu 2006Miniatura della versione delle 01:54, 6 giu 20061 350 × 675 (2 KB)Aivazovsky~commonswiki
19:49, 31 gen 2006Miniatura della versione delle 19:49, 31 gen 20061 350 × 675 (665 byte)Dbenbennscale down by 4 so the "default size" is more reasonable; colors are the same
14:00, 28 gen 2006Miniatura della versione delle 14:00, 28 gen 20065 400 × 2 700 (701 byte)Gabbeupdated colours to match Armenian flag; used at gov.am and various other places both official and unoffical
03:16, 29 nov 2005Miniatura della versione delle 03:16, 29 nov 20055 400 × 2 700 (712 byte)Dbenbennby me, PD

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