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1leftarrow blue.svgVoce principale: I racconti della cripta.

Prima stagione (1989)Modifica

  • (1x01) The Man Who Was Death (L'uomo che era la morte)
  • (1x02) And All Through the House (E attraverso la casa)
  • (1x03) Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone (Sotterra quel gatto... è davvero morto)
  • (1x04) Only Sin Deep (La bellezza si ferma alla pelle)
  • (1x05) Lover Come Hack to Me
  • (1x06) Collection Completed (Collezione completata)

Seconda stagione (1990)Modifica

  • (2x01) Dead Right (Ragione Mortale)
  • (2x02) The Switch (Lo Scambio)
  • (2x03) Cutting Cards (Carte Taglienti)
  • (2x04) 'Til Death
  • (2x05) Three's a Crowd
  • (2x06) The Thing from the Grave
  • (2x07) The Sacrifice
  • (2x08) For Cryin' Out Loud
  • (2x09) Four-Sided Triangle
  • (2x10) The Ventriloquist's Dummy
  • (2x11) Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
  • (2x12) Fitting Punishment
  • (2x13) Korman's Kalamity
  • (2x14) Lower Berth
  • (2x15) Mute Witness to Murder
  • (2x16) Television Terror
  • (2x17) My Brother's Keeper
  • (2x18) The Secret

Terza stagione (1991)Modifica

  • (3x01) Loved to Death
  • (3x02) Carrion Death (L'avvoltoio)
  • (3x03) The Trap (La trappola)
  • (3x04) Abra Cadaver (Un fratello per nemico)
  • (3x05) Top Billing
  • (3x06) Dead Wait (Vana attesa)
  • (3x07) The Reluctant Vampire
  • (3x08) Easel Kill Ya
  • (3x09) Undertaking Parlor
  • (3x10) Mournin' Mess
  • (3x11) Split Second (All'ultimo secondo)
  • (3x12) Deadline
  • (3x13) Spoiled
  • (3x14) Yellow

Quarta stagione (1992)Modifica

(4x01) None but the Lonely Heart (Rendez vous con la morte)
(4x02) This'll Kill Ya
(4x03) On a Deadman's Chest (Segno di morte)
(4x04) Seance
(4x05) Beauty Rest
(4x06) What's Cookin' (Buona Da Morire)
(4x07) The New Arrival
(4x08) Showdown
(4x09) King of the Road
(4x10) Maniac at Large
(4x11) Split Personality (Doppia Personalità)
(4x12) Strung Along
(4x13) Werewolf Concerto (Il Concerto Del Lupo Mannaro)
(4x14) Curiosity Killed

Quinta stagione (1993)Modifica

(5x01) Death Of Some Salesmen
(5x02) As Ye Sow
(5x03) Forever Ambergris
(5x04) Food For Thought
(5x05) People Who Live In Brass Hearses (Dolce vendetta)
(5x06) Two For The Show
(5x07) House Of Horror
(5x08) Well-Cooked Hams
(5x09) Creep Course
(5x10) Came The Dawn
(5x11) Oil's Well That Ends Well (Amici Per La Pelle)
(5x12) Half-Way Horrible
(5x13) Till Death Do We Part

Sesta stagione (1994-1995)Modifica

(6x01) Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
(6x02) Only Skin Deep
(6x03) Whirlpool
(6x04) Operation Friendship
(6x05) Revenge Is The Nuts
(6x06) The Bribe
(6x07) The Pit
(6x08) The Assassin
(6x09) Staired In Horror
(6x10) In The Groove (with Slash)
(6x11) Surprise Party
(6x12) Doctor Of Horror
(6x13) Comes The Dawn
(6x14) 99 & 44/100 Pure Horror
(6x15) You, Murderer

Settima stagione (1996)Modifica

(7x01) Fatal Caper
(7x02) Last Respects
(7x03) A Slight Case Of Murder
(7x04) Escape
(7x05) Horror In The Night
(7x06) Cold War
(7x07) The Kidnapper
(7x08) Report From The Grave
(7x09) Smoke Wrings
(7x10) About Face
(7x11) Confession
(7x12) Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
(7x13) The Third Pig

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