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Toonsylvania è una serie televisiva a disegni animati prodotta da Dreamworks, con Bill Kopp e Steven Spielberg.



  • Phil
  • Igor
  • Melissa Screetch
  • Dott. Vic
  • Dedgar Deadman
  • Tiffany
  • Ashley
  • Fred


  • Darla Doily-Demon Doll / The Importance of Being Urnie / The Boogeyman'll Get You Melissa
  • Blind Date of Frankenstein / Football and Other Body Parts / Stop Making Ugly Faces
  • Love Potion Number Nein / Attack of the Iguana People / Teeth for Two
  • Baby Human / Earth Vs. Everything / Little Screetchin Riding Hood
  • Built for Speed / A Kiss Before Dying Unless of Course You're Already Dead / Go Stand in the Corner Young Lady
  • Spawn of Santa / Dead Hard / Don't Swallow the Seeds Silly
  • Doom With a View / Dead Dog Day Afternoon / Here There Be Monsters
  • Love Hurts / One for Mall and Mall for One / Plain as the Nose on Your Face
  • Phil Feel Smart / Voodoo Vacation / Melissa, Don't Spoil Your Appetite
  • WereGranny / The Lobster of Party Beach / The Screetchy Little Mermaid
  • A Family Plot / A Zombie is Born / Melissa and The Three Bears


Personaggio Doppiatore originale Doppiatore italiano
Phil Brad Garrett Gerolamo Alchieri
Igor Wayne Knight Roberto Stocchi
Melissa Screetch Nancy Cartwright Perla Liberatori
Dott. Vic David Warner Giorgio Locuratolo
Dedgar Deadman Matt Frewer Oreste Baldini
Tiffany Francesca Guadagno
Ashley Paola Valentini
Fred Stefano Crescentini

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