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Naturalmente un benvenuto anche da parte mia! Se avessi bisogno di qualcosa non esitare a contattarmi.

Ask21 (msg) 15:30, 7 dic 2015 (CET)[]

Contributi nelle voci sul calcio lituanoModifica

Ciao. Grazie dei tuoi contributi nelle voci relative al calcio lituano. Un suggerimento: quando togli un calciatore dalla rosa, non togliere solo il nome, ma cancella l'intera riga per evitare di lasciare la casella vuota.

Hi. I'm not sure if you are used to Italian, so I will write something in English. Thanks for your contributions to pages related to Lithuanian football. I have one suggestion: when you remove a player from the squad list, please remove the entire row to avoid to have an empty box in the list. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any information or support for your contribution in --GC85 (msg) 20:35, 20 nov 2017 (CET)[]

Hello. You are right. English is better choise to communicate and understand each other. Prego. List of Utenis players was invalid from summer, when came lot of spanish players come to Lithuania. And i saw list for lithuanian players. In this Sunday was end of A lyga championship, so made some corrections in Lithuanian clubs. Renew list is not good idea, so just deleted names who is not members of team from summer. Without renew. Who knows, how team can change after winter before new season. Thank you very much for helping. It`s good to know, that someone can help in problematical situation. So, and if you will have some questions about lithuanian football, you can ask me. Saluti dalla Lituania. --Makenzis (msg) 10:35, 21 nov 2017 (CET)[]
Hi. You're welcome! ;) And thanks again for updates on pages of Lithuanian clubs.
I have seen that you removed quite all the Utenis squad list because not coherent with 2017 squad. Actually, it was the 2016 squad and, according to rules in, it is not correct to proceed in that way. In the template for squad pages is this one. In the section "Organico" at the beginning it's written that, if in the page there is the squad list from previous season, a new squad list for current season should be created without removing it, otherwise it would mean that encyclopedic information has been removed.
In the Utenis page under the section "Organico" I will resume the 2016 squad, which is regarded to be encyclopedic in because refers to a season played in a top division; otherwise, it is suggested to create a new page, similar for example to this one. Keeping the title of the subsection as "Rosa 2016", it will clear that it is not referred to the 2017 one. I can understand that maybe some rules change from wiki to wiki, so let me if you need further clarification for this point. ;) --GC85 (msg) 19:58, 21 nov 2017 (CET)[]
I think you rules in wiki.IT and me just visitor, who don`t know italian as well as need to be good expert in posting wiki in top level. Do everything, as you think it`s be right. And i can learn something useful for me. In wiki.LT i doing all changes about clubs in real time. After every official news looking it`s for wiki, or not. And in wiki.IT if looking at some facts, choach changes, some player or place, only in that way doing some action. I`m not ready to create pages in italian, and know that well. Be the way. Last news from Utenis, they was 6th team in A lyga, but yesterday wrote in official page, that they want to play in Pirma lyga (First league). [1] Today saw licencing list, who wanna go to A lyga, who in Pirma lyga. [2] maybe intersting information for you. So they passing next year in lower level. Looking Utente. And we talking about lithuanian Utenis. Grazie per i commenti. --Makenzis (msg) 10:35, 22 nov 2017 (CET)[]
I understand your point, rules in are written in Italian and the user should know where there are. I can think to suggest to the community to add a note at least in English for user not speaking Italian.
Many thanks for the news about Utenis and for the weblink! I can put in my to do list the improvement of the pages of Lithuanian teams. I already did it for the 4 teams participating to European cups in this season (Žalgiris, Trakai, Sūduva and Atlantas). Additionally, let me know if you need any information for Italian football for pages in lithuanian wiki! ;) --GC85 (msg) 20:14, 22 nov 2017 (CET)[]
Rules in english (in wiki.IT) is useful thing. In wiki.LT i`m alone uploader. Others just coming after me and sometimes asking wikifizing text. (From "Jonava" to „Jonava“. With lower sign write needd in LT, but in my pc i have no that sign and little Makenzis`s helpers doing some changes " to „) In wiki.LT everything was stoped in 2011/2012 year season. So i was that man, who after 4-5 years silence began renew and create pages. From 22 lithuanian woman FC`s 21 created Makenzis. Only FC Gintra was made by others. The same thing with forgein countries football leaguas and cups. Italia have one lithuanian tiffozzi user italas. Last and this season i watched at italian Serie A in wiki, and for me italian pages is best examples, how need to create page. In user Italas doing pages, about Serie A, and renew clubs. I just made few tables, of serie B (Never was serie B in wiki.LT). In last two years i changed visualisation of pages. How you can find "club colors", "kit evoliution", some tables. (Sorry for late answer, first snow, clod and virures. I was few days out of my jobs.)
By the way, unusually early in lithuania we know who wanna be licenced in A lyga, who wanna play in Pirma lyga. There is a list. [3] --Makenzis (msg) 10:55, 27 nov 2017 (CET)[]
It looks to me that you did and are doing a very good job in updating/creating pages in! :) The information you gave is very precious when the page for 2018 season of A Lyga will be created! When I created/edited some of them, I succeeded in finding good references in Lithuanian websites, but it was a bit hard to me! In we use to wait the beginning of the new season, let's say 1º January or 1º July, depending on season structure, before creating the new season pages: here we have a lot of users contributing, but also anonymous ip users doing whatever they want breaking the rules we established (it is also the reason why there are rules, some of which could seems too strict). --GC85 (msg) 20:18, 27 nov 2017 (CET)[]
I see we understand each other from the half word. Yesterday i made 7 lost years form CZE [4] and watched Belarus premjer leagua. So, that italian don`t interesting in Belarus. In summer 2017 i made Italijos futbolo varžybos 2016–2017 m. [5] So, was interesting, and new experience. In Lithuania everything easy for me. All news in 1 hour, and i can react so fast, as possible. And estonian, latvian, italian football must be with scanal, that to make attention to some action. In wiki i hate to things. First when club founding for example in 1919, and refounding... refounding. :) And second, that anonymous or diletants who dont know, but wanna make some changes. After that looking, and wanna closed wiki, nor open. If you planning create Calcio FK Palanga [FK Palanga] in and have some questions, ask me. I think FK Palanga will be next year in A lyga and pages created only in EN and spainish. Others maybe don`t heard about that club. --Makenzis (msg) 10:55, 28 nov 2017 (CET)[]
Now I'm curious about FK Palanga (my "to do list" is getting longer) and I've seen that the page in is well done, much better than the one in! ;) I would use it as reference! --GC85 (msg) 20:34, 28 nov 2017 (CET)[]
Because I made changes in Palanga-wiki-LT. Two or five year ago pages in lithuanian looked not so good, i made big job, renew all information, made new skills with right colors, kit evoliution and other moments. And in English working others, only Respublik i know from football forum. You know, the interesting fact is, when FK Jonava changed name and made a new site, i readed History in official website. They taked it from Word by word, what i wrote in wikipeddia. --Makenzis (msg) 10:35, 29 nov 2017 (CET)[]

[ Rientro]I noticed it (websites copying word by word from wikipedia), mainly for amateur clubs wanting to promote themselves, but what left me astonished is that Dinamo Tbilisi official website seems that copied all history from (or from the georgian wiki) - even if it could also be the reverse, since I cannot solve the enigma! --GC85 (msg) 20:12, 29 nov 2017 (CET)[]

Yea. It was strange to read that. Was wrote with all signs. [1] [2] without any ref. --Makenzis (msg) 10:35, 1 dec 2017 (CET)

FC StumbrasModifica

Hi. I was improving the page Football Club Stumbras Kaunas and I was wondering whether the correct name of the squad is that one. Is simply FC Stumbras Kaunas? where FC is not an acronym of Football Club, but just a prefix? Thanks! --GC85 (msg) 13:58, 9 dic 2017 (CET)[]

Hi. In lithianian FC Stumbras, VšĮ --> public institucion FC Stumbras, so FC Stumbras is the better way. Because FC Pakruojis, for example means Futbolo Centras. Stumbras is FC, but not any Centras. Lithuanian clubs usually FK - futbolo klubas. And FC Stumbras writing futbolo klubas [6] , bur why FC Stumbras name was given for them, only God knows. --Makenzis (msg) 15:11, (LT time) 9 dic 2017 (CET)
OK. I'll move the title of the page, removing also "Kaunas" which is in the logo, but not in the name. Many thanks! :) --GC85 (msg) 14:37, 9 dic 2017 (CET)[]
In Lithuania Stumbras is alone team. Not so problematical as with «Žalgiris». By the way. I looked at FK Palanga history and founded, that someone write that was in 1991-2005 club Gintaras from Palanga. They defunct and in 2010 was founded FK Palanga. But everywhere writing re-founding. Gintaras was estabilshed in 1991, and Palanga 2010. I see just Palanga-town, but not see any re-founding. What do you think about that situation? --Makenzis (msg) 15:44, (LT time) 9 dic 2017 (CET)
FC Stumbras#Rosa changing very often. All half year squads chaning. --Makenzis (msg) 15:48, (LT time) 9 dic 2017 (CET)
What I have understood from another user is that in some countries the federations are not so active in checking the continuity between clubs and about founding and re-founding: he was mentioning to me how many Daugava Riga teams there have been in the years! About F.K. Palanga, if I read the official website it's written what you wrote, even if it seems to be copied and pasted from what is written in! I will check in order websites to see if it is confirmed or not. I will wait to see what the A Lyga website will write in the dedicated page! --GC85 (msg) 14:58, 9 dic 2017 (CET)[]
Yea, Daugava Riga, Daugava 2003 Riga, Daugava Daugavpils, BFK Daugava Daugavpils. I know very well latvian jokes. I can write to FK Palanga director and ask him, what is the real story. Atkurtas (re-founded) ar sukurtas (new club). I heard, that Palanga can change logo. Sometimes in logo can see datas. True or fake. And i wait new season of A lyga. FK Palanga, of course will be black horse in next season. --Makenzis (msg) 16:07, (LT time) 9 dic 2017 (CET)

A LygaModifica

Hello. You can enjoy of new FK Palanga history. they changed logo and re-freshed histoy. Club est. in 2010, but telling us about 1957. --Makenzis (msg) 11:37, (LT time) 28 feb 2017 (CET)

By the way, "Žalgiris" won against KŽ, but was one "Žalgiris" player with red card in last 2017 year game. So we waiting for LFF decision. KŽ can take 3 point by technical victory. There some links for information LFF oficial site and DELFI wanna some scaldal. --Makenzis (msg) 11:45, (LT time) 28 feb 2017 (CET)
Sveiki! (hoping is correct :)) I was thinking to create the page for FK Palanga on Sunday, but I want to check better the history. I will do it in the next days! ;) And many thanks for the news about Žalgiris, let's wait for official decision from LFF!
P.S. I would suggest to you to use {{ping|GC85}}, otherwise I could miss your message, even if luckily I put this page in my watchlist. Or you can write your replies directly in my discussion page. :) --GC85 (msg) 19:22, 28 feb 2018 (CET)[]
Pretty well! Sveiki! Or Labas (for friends)! [@ GC85] "ping". OK. Simply history is: in 2010 was created Publical Organization. From 2011 spring playing football. But In this year they changed logo and new date is 1957. In site was long story about football history of Palanga town, not FK "Palanga" history. Palanga`s FK "Gintaras" was disvolved in 2005 and 6 year (till 2011 season) Palanga was without football.
Thanks for "ping". In LT it`s little bit different. If i`m in your`s watchlist, it`s great honor for me. All LTU waiting for that LFF decision. --Makenzis (msg) 11:30, (LT time) 1 mar 2017 (CET)
Hot news DRAUSMĖS KOMITETAS SKYRĖ TECHNINĮ PRALAIMĖJIMĄ VILNIAUS „ŽALGIRIUI“. But need wait 7 days for apelation, so no changes in table (sprendimas nėra galutinis ir jokie keitimai turnyrinėje lentelėje iki galutinio sprendimo daromi nebus.) --Makenzis (msg) 18:30, (LT time) 1 mar 2017 (CET)

FK PalangaModifica

Finally, I created the page Futbolo Klubas Palanga. The official website of the club is not updated for th squad list, so I referred to the website of A Lyga. --GC85 (msg) 21:54, 1 mar 2018 (CET)[]

Nice job, [@ GC85] ! Alternativo stadio - Klaipėdos DDA - Stadio del cappotto artificiale (in Klaipėda). In winter, early spring, and late autumn playing in Klaipėda`s DDA. In Palanga`s Central Stadium natural grass by the way, so they very care about ground. --Makenzis (msg) 11:30, (LT time) 2 mar 2017 (CET)
Rosa 2018, i think OK. In LT i refreshed, but maybe not deleted some players from last season. Now watching. (Sometimes list can be not full.) --Makenzis (msg) 11:45, (LT time) 2 mar 2017 (CET)

Arūnas KlimavičiusModifica

Ciao Makenzis. Grazie per aver contribuito a Wikipedia. Ho visto che hai scritto o modificato alcune voci, tra cui Arūnas Klimavičius.
Noto però che esse non rispondono agli standard minimi di Wikipedia, cioè sono voci con informazioni scarse e/o poco comprensibili.

È preferibile che tu stesso inserisca voci il più possibile chiare e comprensibili, ampliandole e rendendole conformi agli standard.

Per maggiori informazioni puoi consultare la guida essenziale, la pagina che spiega cosa mettere su Wikipedia e quella che spiega cosa non mettere. Se hai dubbi o problemi rivolgiti allo sportello informazioni.

Possibilmente, ritorna alla voce a cui hai contributo e intervieni tu stesso. Grazie!

-- (msg) 10:17, 24 ago 2018 (CEST)[]

[@] Hello. My italian is not too good for writing long fairy tales about lithuanian footbalists. page for official statitics. And fairy tales, history for italians. --- (Makenzis) 11:25, 24 ago 2018 (EEST) // 10:25 (CEST)

Re: KTPModifica

Hi Makenzis. I undid your modification because FC KTP classified 7th in Ykkonen 2018, whereas FC KooTeePee closed in 2013 after merging, so simply was the wrong team where you were doing the update. --GC85 (msg) 11:59, 29 ott 2018 (CET)[]

Saluto. :) Oh, some kind of club identification problems. :) OK.--Makenzis (msg) 13:03, 29 ott 2018 (EEST)

Re: HejModifica

Sveiki! Thanks for noticing it. I have put the correct template in Lietuvos Taurė 2019. I've seen that the page Futbolo Klubas Šiauliai needs an important revision. I will do it in the next days.--GC85 (msg) 12:04, 20 giu 2019 (CEST)[]

Labas! GC85 without you as without hands and eyes. :) Also FC Stumbras in deep problems. Lost UEFA licence and in Europe will be FK Kauno Žalgiris. That`s very important news, i think for you. --Makenzis (msg) 13:07, 20 giu 2019 (EEST)

In italianoModifica

(IT) Gentile utente, ho visto che hai scritto o modificato la voce Davydas Arlauskis. Ti segnalo però che nella Wikipedia in lingua italiana occorre scrivere in italiano corrente e senza impiegare traduttori automatici.

Se vuoi tradurre una voce presente su un'altra Wikipedia, leggi prima Aiuto:Come tradurre una voce. Testi inseriti in lingue diverse dall'italiano o evidentemente generati tramite traduttori automatici verranno rimossi.

Grazie dell'attenzione e buon lavoro!

(EN) Dear user, I noticed your contributions to the article Davydas Arlauskis on However, I'd like to remind you that on this Wikipedia you should write in fluent Italian language only and without using automatic translators.

If you're willing to translate articles or contributions from a Wikipedia in a different language, please have a look first at Wikipedia:How to translate. Edits in languages different than Italian or clearly produced by plain automatic translation will be removed.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy editing!

Sanremofilo (msg) 07:50, 18 gen 2020 (CET)[]

Re: A lyga, Pirma lygaModifica

Labas! I had a look at the official websites of the two championships and I can that they are named "A lyga" and "Pirma lyga". I can see that in the page is named LFF I lyga; is Pirma lyga the official name? --GC85 (msg) 18:08, 18 gen 2020 (CET)[]

Labas! [@ GC85]! In LT-wiki we have Pirma lyga of Latvia, Belarus, Qazaqstan, Armenia, Azeri and others) and LMFA Pirma lyga (women`s Pirma lyga). First League, in LT-wiki as LFF I lyga, but eeverywhere you can find Pirma lyga ( When i created page in SV_wiki (sv:Pirma lyga) i had no other choise, only Pirma lyga. And LFF I lyga is from 1990`s. :) Old school. :) --Makenzis (msg) 10:31, 20 gen 2020 (EET)
By the way, i created Džiugas Telšiai. There need some connections with tempale Džiugas Telšiai. In this case you more experienced than me. Can you help a little bit in this case? --Makenzis (msg) 10:35, 20 gen 2020 (EET)
OK! And what about 2 Lyga and 3 Lyga? Are these names to be simply corrected in "2 lyga" and "3 lyga"?
Just seen the page on Džiugas Telšiai: is "Futbolo Klubas Džiugas" the official name of the club? If yes, this has to be the name of the page. I will anyway revise the page in agreement with the reference model for the general style and contents of an article on a football club. --GC85 (msg) 20:02, 20 gen 2020 (CET)[]
[@ GC85], if simply, so 2 lyga and 3 lyga! Or Antra lyga and Trečia lyga.
VšĮ Telšių futbolo ateitis (Viešoji įstaiga Telšių futbolo ateitis) is the official name. (Others: Viešoji įstaiga – futbolo akademija „Šiauliai“ (FA Šiauliai; Viešoji įstaiga – futbolo klubas „Vilnius“ FK Vilnius (2019)). VšĮ, that`s mean publical office, and name of the office, like Future of football in Telšiai. But everywhere you can see FK or FC.... FC Džiugas, Futbolo klubas Džiugas, not that publical office or something else. Shortly FC Džiugas and Futbolo klubas Džiugas in full.
And do you know, what`s happened with FK Atlantas and FK Palanga? --Makenzis (msg) 10:39, 21 gen 2020 (EET)
What is going on with Atlantas and Palanga? --GC85 (msg) 20:20, 23 gen 2020 (CET)[]
[@ GC85] after 2019 A lyga season (in 5 December 2019) they was exclused from A lyga for 2020 season. Palanga seeking for licence Pirma lyga (but relegated to Antra lyga)! Atlantas seeking for licence of A lyga, but also relegated to Antra lyga. By the way, in Klaipėda was annonced, that BC Neptūnas in this season want to have football team. So Atlantas can gone belly up (bankrupcy). --Makenzis (msg) 10:42, 24 gen 2020 (EET)

RE: Andrei CiofuModifica

Hi! I had canceled your change because I thought you were wrong. Then I opened the site you gave me and, translating, I understood that you were right. Thank you. --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 14:39, 23 gen 2020 (CET)[]

Hi, [@ Filosofo del calcio]. I working with hottest news. :) Welcome! :) --Makenzis (msg) 14:42, 23 gen 2020 (CET)[]

Un grazie e un libro sulla conoscenza libera per teModifica

Gentile Makenzis,

oggi ti scrivo a nome dell'associazione Wikimedia Italia per ringraziarti del tempo che hai dedicato ai progetti Wikimedia.

Come piccolo omaggio avremmo piacere di spedirti una copia (tutta in carta riciclata) del libro di Carlo Piana, Open source, software libero e altre libertà. Fornisci un recapito per ricevere una copia del libro.

Pochi giorni fa il mondo ha festeggiato la giornata dell'amore per il software libero, ma ogni giorno è buono per ricordare le garanzie delle licenze libere e le centinaia di migliaia di persone che si sono unite per costruire questo bene comune della conoscenza. Speriamo che questo libro ti sia utile per apprezzare quanto hai fatto e per trasmettere la passione della conoscenza libera a una persona a te vicina.

Se desideri una copia ma non puoi fornirci un indirizzo a cui spedirla, contatta la segreteria Wikimedia Italia e troviamo una soluzione insieme.

Grazie ancora e a presto,

Lorenzo Losa (msg) 19:16, 18 feb 2020 (CET)[]

An adviceModifica

Hello! I see you don't speak Italian or in any case you speak little, I think. This is the Wikipedia in Italian, so before collaborating here I would recommend you at least learn a little Italian, not out of malice, but because if I want to collaborate on a wiki other than the Italian one, I have to know a minimum of knowledge of the language. It's not like I'm going to collaborate on the Lithuanian Wikipedia tomorrow even though I don't know Lithuanian. Don't take it as an offense, indeed, as advice. The Italian language is beautiful! (sorry for my bad english but i am using Google Translate) --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 18:15, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]

[@ Filosofo del calcio], scusami, quali sono gli eventuali problemi che hai riscontrato nella contribuzione di Makenzis e riconducibili al fatto che non parla italiano? Sarebbe opportuno segnalarli, in maniera tale che sia possibile capirne le motivazioni e correggerle. Grazie. --GC85 (msg) 18:27, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]
[@ GC85] Non so, per esempio quando aggiorna le presenze e le reti dei giocatori senza specificare o aggiornare la data (che adesso ho capito che è importante farlo) oppure quando aggiorna il trasferimento di un giocatore e scrive "..." oppure lascia lo spazio bianco, e questo crea confusione, come qui (dove prima ho annullato e poi ho aggiornato perché non avevo capito). --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 18:30, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]
[@ Filosofo del calcio], e cosa c'entra allora col fatto che non parla italiano? In pratica, gli hai detto che non deve contribuire a se non conosce l'italiano!! E non mi sembra per niente corretto! Perché non gli hai scritto chiaramente che quando aggiorna le voci è bene che aggiunga la data di aggiornamento? --GC85 (msg) 18:37, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]
[@ GC85] Ok, ammetto che ho sbagliato io ad usare le parole. Quello che intendevo dire è che su abbiamo un modo diverso da agire rispetto a (ogni wiki è a sé con le proprie regole e altro, naturalmente). Semplicemente volevo dirgli che quando aggiorna i dati di un giocatore deve specificare o aggiornare la data, e che quando per esempio un giocatore viene svincolato deve usare il template Calciatore svincolato e specificarlo nel Bio, e non "..." che, agli occhi del lettore medio, potrebbe creare confusione. Comunque, sono pronto a chiedere scusa. --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 18:46, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]
[@ Filosofo del calcio], ok. Non è con me che ti devi scusare. La prossima volta scrivi in maniera chiara le indicazioni e/o suggerimenti che vuoi dare. --GC85 (msg) 19:04, 24 ott 2020 (CEST)[]
[@ Makenzis] I am sorry for the misunderstanding. --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 19:11, 24 ott

[@ GC85] Thank you for wiki-friendship; i understand wiki project as a team work and to have friend like you it`s a big honneur for me. Today i saw IT_wiki Lietuvos Taurė 2020 and not understand: why Taurė not LFF taurė 2020 or Lietuvos taurė 2020. Only in german and dorm-ingliš i` Taurė and A Lyga. In lithuanian LFF taurė and A lyga. By the way FK Panevėžys won first title. Need to write everything inbox and more. Historical moment for this club. --Makenzis (msg) 10:46, 25 ott 2020 (EEST)

OK, thanks! I will have a look at the correct title for the Lithuanian cup and at the page of Panevėžys! --GC85 (msg) 10:15, 25 ott 2020 (CET)[]
[@ GC85] OK, and i have question for you: A klasė; Aukščiausia lyga (1945-1989) Soviet time championship of LTU, in your oppinion, what level is? Top division or have other minds about that? --Makenzis (msg) 11:46, 25 ott 2020 (EEST)
Not fully sure about that. To me they look like the statal championships in Brazil. --GC85 (msg) 10:55, 25 ott 2020 (CET)[]
[@ GC85] Very smart answer. FK Žalgiris was in Soviet A klasė, B klasė, (Premier division, Secand division) and LTU had their own championship. In SSSR contitution was write, that all 15 countries is Independent (in 1991 Ukraine and other country made EXIT). How independent country with Aukščiausia lyga or Viša liha (Ukraine) can be only 5th level of soviet system? That`s long disskusion, but intersting to read what about that think other users. For german wikipedians Ein Dorf ist ein Dorf... Villarge is villarge, all it`s only regionliga. If formelly Independent LTU, so A klasė is top division in LTU. It`s more wales and England, not brasilian statal championship. --Makenzis (msg) 11:46, 25 ott 2020 (EEST)

[@ Filosofo del calcio], ok. I understand everything, what you thinking and what do you want to say to me. My italian is not good, but i like working with statistics. If you want visit LT_wiki and make something, allways welcome. No problems about that. lt:Vikipedija:Naudotojų sąrašas pagal keitimų skaičių in LT_wiki i made over 200,000 chandes and created about 4,500 articles. And mine lt: Karolis Laukžemis and italian Karolis Laukžemis. In IT_wiki skill Carriera without information, without any links. Without links articles i can see only in IT_wiki. Other wikies need and asking for links. Laukžemis now in Hibernians? Where are the link of this information? maybe it`s some kind of the fake information? (i found in Transfermarkt some info about that transfer). But usually in Carriera skill wikipedians write something. And for me sometimes |Aggiornato = 24 ottobre 2020, problem understand, what aggiornato? Club statistics or matches in National squadra? Sometimes i can`t find Aggiornato and don`t waisting for that my time. I can`t tell fairy tales in IT_wiki, became it`s not mine, but to be a member of italian project is very usefull experience for me. And don`t appologize me, in LT_wiki i asking for others higest quallity and links. Everything must be better and fresh information, not old bullshit or blank pages with template like this: {{...|calciatori lituani}}. All of us making black job for free, sometimes. --Makenzis 11:04, 25 ott 2020 (EEST)

Thank you for the invitation to Lithuanian is a beautiful language and Lithuania is a beautiful country. Regarding football, it must be said that I also deal with Baltic football, and in fact I am slowly trying to expand the articles in this context. For example, Karolis Laukžemis is no longer a stub :). And congratulations for being the user with the most articles created on! --Filosofo del calcio (msg) 14:54, 25 ott 2020 (CET)[]
[@ Filosofo del calcio], you allways welcome to LT_wiki. When i was children and teenager, i watched TV and like italian films with Adriano Čelentano and others. Also intrested in ITA Calcio. In 2007, 2008 watched Serie A every weekend. Yes, Karolis Laukžemis now is really well done!!! special thanks to you!!! I created only 4,500, that`s not very much. I made 200,000 changes. When i started football clubs was only stubs. And now from small articles i made really good product. I looked at IT_wiki, how you doing, how doing others and invested my time into quallity, not in bigest number created articles with stub`s. --Makenzis 16:14, 25 ott 2020 (EEST)

FK EkranasModifica

Labas! I have a question for you about FK Ekranas. Is there a connection between the club dissolved in 2014 and the new one founded last year? I mean, is the latter claiming to be a kind of continuation? I read the club bought the rights for using brand and logo of FK Ekranas. --GC85 (msg) 23:39, 10 ago 2021 (CEST)[]

[@ GC85] Bondžuono! At real, football team as FK Aukštaitija was founded in 2008. In 2011 was renamed to Akmenys (en. stones). In 2012 we lost that team, defunnct or something... In 2008-2011 They played in Trečia lyga (IV division). And in 29 novembre 2018 was estabished new office as FK Aukštaitija. In 2019 Antra lyga was FK Aukštaitija. In June 2020 was re-branding. You know, everyone like a crazy about brand names. :) For italian`s that`s normal, when one and the same club 10 and more times re-founded, but we understand, that to buy logo is not the same as create history from the zero. When FBK Kaunas defunct, was new F.B.K. Kaunas, but FAKE is a fake. I don`t trust in any new products. --Makenzis (msg) 10:23, 11 ago 2021 (CEST)[]
OK! Thanks! --GC85 (msg) 22:37, 11 ago 2021 (CEST)[]