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Quella che segue è una lista dei brani musicali dei Linkin Park, gruppo musicale statunitense formatosi ad Agoura Hills nel 1996 e fino al 20 luglio 2017 composto da Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Phoenix, Rob Bourdon e Joe Hahn.

In essa sono inclusi tutti i brani tratti dai sette album in studio pubblicati dal gruppo tra il 1997 e il 2017, con l'aggiunta delle tracce bonus inedite e delle demo pubblicate negli EP destinati agli iscritti al fan club Linkin Park Underground e riedizioni commercializzate dal 2020. Sono inoltre omesse tutte le prime versioni di brani già pubblicati e i remix dei brani originari.

Titolo Anno Album di provenienza Autore/i Note
Dialate 1997 Xero (prima cassetta) Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield,
Clifford Smith, Robert Diggs, Corey Woods
Pubblicato come Xero
Fuse Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield
Stick n Move
Rhinestone Xero (seconda cassetta) Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield
Reading My Eyes Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield
Closing 1998 Rapology Twelve Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn
Fiends Rapology 14 Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, Mark Wakefield
Carousel 1999 Hybrid Theory Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson,
Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon
Pubblicato come Hybrid Theory
Technique (Short) Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn
Step Up Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson
And One Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson,
Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon
High Voltage Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson
Part of Me Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson,
Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon
She Couldn't Hybrid Theory 8-track Demo Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington,
Brad Baker, Lance Quinn, Joe Thomas,
Milo Berger, Erik Meltzer, Donnie Lewis, Yasiin Bey
Papercut 2000 Hybrid Theory Linkin Park
One Step Closer
With You Linkin Park, The Dust Brothers
Points of Authority Linkin Park
Runaway Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield rifacimento di Stick n Move
By Myself Linkin Park
In the End
A Place for My Head Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield
Forgotten rifacimento di Rhinestone
Cure for the Itch Linkin Park
Pushing Me Away
My December 2001 One Step Closer Mike Shinoda
High Voltage Linkin Park rifacimento del brano omonimo del 1999
A.06 2002 Underground V2.0
Dedicated (Demo 1999) Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Chester Bennington
Foreword 2003 Meteora Linkin Park
Don't Stay
Somewhere I Belong
Lying from You
Hit the Floor
Easier to Run
Breaking the Habit
From the Inside
Nobody's Listening
Sold My Soul to Yo Mama 2004 Underground 4.0 Joe Hahn, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda
Standing in the Middle Linkin Park
Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying from You Collision Course Shawn Carter, Timothy Mosley, Linkin Park
Big Pimpin'/Papercut Shawn Carter, Timothy Mosley, Kyambo Joshua
Chad Butler, Bernard Freeman, Linkin Park
Jigga What/Faint Shawn Carter, Jonathan Burks, Timothy Mosley, Linkin Park
Numb/Encore Linkin Park, Shawn Carter, Kanye West
Izzo/In the End Shawn Carter, Kanye West, Berry Gordy
Alphonzo Mizell, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards, Linkin Park
Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer Linkin Park, Shawn Carter, Rick Rubin, Norman Landsberg
Felix Pappalardi, John Ventura, Leslie Weinstein
William Squier, Tracy Marrow, Alphonso Henderson
Announcement Service Public 2006 Underground 6 Linkin Park
Wake 2007 Minutes to Midnight
Given Up
Leave Out All the Rest
Bleed It Out
Shadow of the Day
What I've Done
Hands Held High
No More Sorrow
Valentine's Day
In Between
In Pieces
The Little Things Give You Away
No Roads Left Traccia bonus
We Made It 2008 / Trevor Smith, Marcello Valenzano, Andre Lyon
Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Eddie Montilla
You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta MMM...Cookies - Sweet Hamster
Like Jewels from America!
Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington
No Laundry
Da Bloos
PB N' Jellyfish
26 Lettaz in da Alphabet
Lockjaw / Mike Shinoda regalato agli iscritti a LPU nel Natale 2008
New Divide 2009 Transformers: Revenge of
the Fallen - The Album
Linkin Park
Across the Line (Unreleased Demo 2007) LP Underground 9: Demos
Not Alone 2010 Download to Donate for Haiti
Pretend to Be (Unreleased Demo 2008) A Decade Underground
The Requiem A Thousand Suns
The Radiance
Burning in the Skies
Empty Spaces
When They Come for Me
Robot Boy
Jornada del muerto
Waiting for the End
Wretches and Kings
Wisdom, Justice, and Love Linkin Park, Martin Luther King, Jr.
Iridescent Linkin Park
The Catalyst
The Messenger
Blackbirds Traccia bonus
Unfortunate (Unreleased Demo 2002) LP Underground X: Demos
What We Don't Know (Unreleased Demo 2007)
I Have Not Begun (Unreleased Demo 2009)
Pale (Unreleased Demo 2006)
Divided (Unreleased Demo 2005)
Coal (Unreleased Demo 1997)
Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002)
Issho ni 2011 Download to Donate: Tsunami Relief
YO (MTM Demo) Underground Eleven
Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo) Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield
Soundtrack (Meteora Demo) Linkin Park
Program (Meteora Demo)
Broken Foot (Meteora Demo)
Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
Lost in the Echo 2012 Living Things
In My Remains
Burn It Down
Lies Greed Misery
I'll Be Gone
Castle of Glass
Roads Untraveled
Skin to Bone
Until It Breaks
Homecoming (Minutes to Midnight Demo) Underground 12
Clarity (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
Asbestos (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
Bunker (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)
Pepper (Meteora Demo)
Debris (Minutes to Midnight Demo)
Ominous (Meteora Demo)
Complimentary / Mike Shinoda pubblicato gratuitamente
A Light That Never Comes 2013 Recharged Linkin Park, Steve Aoki
Basquiat (2007 Demo) Underground XIII Linkin Park
Holding Company (2011 Demo)
Hemispheres (2011 Demo)
Cumulus (2002 Demo)
Universe (2006 Demo)
Keys to the Kingdom 2014 The Hunting Party
All for Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)
Guilty All the Same (feat. Rakim) Linkin Park, William Griffin
The Summoning Linkin Park
Until It's Gone
Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian) Linkin Park, Daron Malakian
Mark the Graves Linkin Park
Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)
Final Masquerade
A Line in the Sand
Aubrey One (2009 Demo) Underground XIV
Malathion+Tritonus (2008 Berlin Demo)
Berlin One, Version C (2009 Demo)
Blanka (2008 Demo)
Heartburn (2007 Demo)
Dave Sbeat feat. Joe (2009)
Froctagon (2009 Demo)
Rhinocerous (2002 Demo)
After Canada (2005 Demo)
Darker Than Blood 2015 Neon Future II Steve Aoki, Linkin Park
Animals (2011 Demo) Underground 15 Linkin Park
Basil (2008 Demo)
Pods 1 of 3 (1998 Demo)
Pods 2 of 3 (1998 Demo)
Pods 3 of 3 (1998 Demo)
Chance of Rain (2006 Demo)
TooLeGit (2010 Demo) / regalato agli iscritti a LPU nel dicembre 2015
Grudgematch (2009 Demo) 2016 regalato agli iscritti a LPU nel febbraio 2016
Hurry (1999 Demo) regalato agli iscritti a LPU nell'aprile 2016
Things in My Jeep Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - Official Soundtrack Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone
Derek Allen, Maestro Harrell
Grr (1999 Demo) / Linkin Park regalato agli iscritti a LPU nel giugno 2016
Attached (2003 Demo) regalato agli iscritti a LPU nell'agosto 2016
Can't Hurt Me (2014 Demo) Underground Sixteen
Dark Crystal (2015 Demo)
Air Force One (2015 Demo)
Consequence A (2010 Demo)
Consequence B (2010 Demo)
Burberry (2015 Demo)
Symphonies of Light Reprise (2010 Demo)
Nobody Can Save Me 2017 One More Light Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Jon Green
Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy) Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Jesse Shatkin,
Terrence Thornton, Michael Omari
Talking to Myself Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson
Ilsey Juber, JR Rotem
Battle Symphony Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Jon Green
Invisible Mike Shinoda, Justin Parker
Heavy (feat. Kiiara) Mike Shinioda, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington
Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter
Sorry for Now Mike Shinoda
Halfway Right Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson
Chester Bennington, Ross Golan
One More Light Mike Shinoda, Francis White
Sharp Edges Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Ilsey Juber
Darker Than the Light That Never Bleeds / Linkin Park, Steve Aoki
Pictureboard (Demo) 2020 Hybrid Theory
(20th Anniversary Edition)
Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn,
Mark Wakefield, Barry White
Could Have Been (Demo) Linkin Park
Lost 2023 Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition)
Fighting Myself
More the Victim
Healing Foot

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